Monday, March 29, 2010

walking faster than the cats..

this is and has been a good day..a very good day..i enjoyed today even though it is a is still a nice day..God has given us so much to look at along the way and so much to be thankful cant help but like everyday you are least iam trying to love each day, and rejoice in what i have..

our routine is back to normal now so no cake til my day, and then it is going to be a pepperidge farm cake..better on the calories..sean came down today just to get his picture done with his grandma for her birthday..he is used to always having his picture done with her and for the life of me i dont know why he didnt he made another trip down to do that..but it is always nice to see him..we dont get to see him and the girls as much as we used to when they lived it is hard to get used to being away from us even though it is only an hour away...

i woke up to finding out i won an award on here..i thought that was so cool..i had only been on here less than a month and already an award..well thank you so much julie for that..i need to find out how to put it on here now..but isnt that cool..

my nephew was also letting me know how it isnt alright to be slack with the calorie thinking, and i understand that..we have to stay consistent or we will go right back to the old way of thinking and go into our old ways..i know this because i have done this too often and ended up gaining it iam getting it..if i had written down everything yesterday when i ate it like i normally do, i wouldnt have gone over..i just hadnt written it down til i went to bed and that was the mistake...from now i am writing as i eat..hehe

well i went out and walked today..not the plank but the mile around the park..and then i came back and did 25 minutes of exercises which i was proud of..and the mile i did, was in 20 iam getting faster..even faster than the cats..they were like a half block behind me so iam doing okay ..exercising everyday and eating right..its like iam just used to it problems here..even drinking my 8 glasses of water and not even missing sounds like its too good to be true but it is...and now in a year i will be slimmer than i have seen in 20 years..i will love that..i have a high school reunion next summer my 25th one and iam getting so excited to see everyone..they all know about this because of facebook and they are behind me 100%..its so nice to have so many friends like that..

these are the pictures of today..and when i find out how to post that award i is so cool..thank you so much again..i hope you all have a wonderful night and a great day tomorrow..


  1. I'm sure your cats are getting fit too!

  2. I am just like that... I have to write it down and add up as I go. I've tried to add in my head, or wait til later, and I goof up every time. Much better for me to just have a paper and pen handy, and jot it down. I agree, we need to stay consistent in this journey. :-)

  3. You are doing fantastic Kelli! You and my mom both! I'm so impressed with the attitude and commitment you're both giving this. I think it's awesome that you're supporting each other, that helps. The results you both are going to experience along the way will absolutely change your lives.
    Thank you for the pictures!

    Love you and keep up the incredible job,

  4. Hey girl!!! Sounds like you're really doing great. I love your determined, positive attitude...and so glad to hear you finally started drinking the water, and continuing to count calories and walk every day. You're doing all the right things girl, and you WILl see the results! :)