Monday, March 15, 2010

wow what a weekend..

well this is supposed to be sunday is monday morning at 415 am..up late tonight..this has been a mom has been sick all weekend so i havent posted anything til now..yesterday was a good day..we went to the new video store and rented the food movie again..and wouldnt you know it that video had the biggest scratches on it we didnt get to see it like we wanted too..well i did well all weekend long on my has been good and it is getting so easy..i cant even imagine it being hard anymore..i didnt walk on was cold and then i went somewhere with a friend of mine and we didnt get home for 4 that was too late..but i did walk twice today and uphill mind you..i walked our ramp outside and it goes uphill and it is sorta it was so cat tux the old one..he walked with me ..i would walk up the ramp and he would too, then i would walk down the ramp and he would too..i just started to laugh..he did this for 10 minutes straight..oh it was funny..i know he thought i was crazy..hehe but it sure felt good to burn the calories that way..well it is late and it has been a weekend..we are going to take my mom to the doctor to see what is going on..i did do well all weekend and i feel like i am going to go thru this..i hope you all have a wonderful monday..GOD BLESS YOU ALL..


  1. Great job Kelli!
    It does get easier, and you will reach a zone--where it feels effortless. Superb job on the ramp walking!! Tux isn't going to recognize you someday!!! ;)

    I'll be calling about grandma later...I hope everything is ok.


  2. Love that picture of Tux!! Hope your mom is feeling better soon. Keep up the great work.

  3. I laughed out loud at the vision of you and Tux going up and down that ramp, and him wondering if you were nuts. :-D

    I hope your Mom is better today...