Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a cold rainy day !

this has been a very cold and rainy day here in oklahoma..we have been going thru tornadoes the last two days and have been lucky that we havent been hit by any...but starting off the day i went outside thinking oh this is such a nice day, and within 30 minutes the clouds turned black and gloomy and it was cold and not so nice to walk i didnt..we had places to go and things to do, as usual but i wanted to get the walk in after the running around ended for me about 6pm..i decided i was going to go walk around was dark and cold and starting to look gloomy..oh my should i walk..? would it be okay to wait another day i asked..NO it wouldnt i said..i cant wait another day ..because if i did that i would wait another day and would just get to where i was no longer walking and walking is something i need to do.something i need for helps me in more ways than we all realize..its very calming to go out and walk around even if the cats are the only thing i see..

i enjoy walking, and the cold really helps me. i put on my jacket and my ipod and went walking..i did 3/4 of a mile tonight..i am going to try and do one more lap every i dont get laxed in doing just a little bit..i want to be up to 2 miles sometime this summer...oh my this summer..oh how i dread the heat...but i have to walk..i may have to do this in the evening so i will not be too hot..

well my sister and i measured ourselves tonight and we do have along way to go but we will get just takes time..we didnt put this weight on us over isnt going to come off over night either..we have the rest of our lives to keep going..and thats what we have to do..keep going!

iam really enjoying writing this blog..and iam really writing for much as i like to hear from everyone it really shouldnt bother me if people dont comment..because this is supposed to be for me..for my accountability..but for some reason today i kept looking at the blog to see if anyone had posted a comment and i hadnt gotten anyone..for some reason it did bother me and it shouldnt..i dont want to look at this as just a social networking site like i do facebook or myspace..this is my diary and iam letting everyone read it..but it shouldnt concern me if no one comments..because i need this to vent really helps and maybe i can get my frustrations out..and hopefully we all can help each other along the way..

i have done really well this week.i walked and focused all week so far on how many calories i can have, and i have done well..i dont even think of having a reg.pop or a candy bar..because i know if i truly want one i can have it..i just have to count it..i have to be honest with myself..thats all..honesty is the key..i do need to start on the water..i havent done that yet but i will..i hope you all have a good night..GOD BLESS YOU ALL...KELLI


  1. I think that's great that you didn't fall for any excuses, and chose to do the walking! And it sounds like you are making those good choices in several areas. Next thing we know, you'll be posting that you are drinking lots of water! LOL!

    Thanks for the comment about my art. It is my passion, and a large part of my motivation. If you have time, you might enjoy peeking at the gallery I share with Jim's photography. I have a few things down under "Art by Retta" here:


  2. Great attitude on the walking!! It does get easier Kelli...and if you stay consistent---you're going to surprise yourself how fast you'll advance. It wouldn't surprise me if by the end of summer, you were easily walking a 5K.
    You're going to be fine.
    Never get caught up in the comments Kelli. Yes it's nice, to feel that love and feedback...that support. But never let it change your writing and why you write. I had less than 10 followers and very rarely had a comment until sometime after day 200 or didn't matter. I was writing the same blog regardless. Embrace the therapuetic value of this daily writing...and go out in blog land and read and comment others---give your support---and you'll get that in return.
    Don't ever feel bad if I don't comment---You know my schedule Kelli---It doesn't mean I don't care---It simply means I haven't had a chance to stop long enough to do it---

    I love you

  3. I don't comment much but I wanted to let you know that there are probably many, many readers out there enjoying your blog and following you every step of the way!!!

    But I know what you mean.. I LOVE getting comments too!

    You are doing great! Keep it up! All those steps add up. Believe me!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  4. Here in Portland we HAVE to walk in the rain, because that's all it does here BUT we don't have big scary beautiful clouds like the one in your pic and we certainly do not have tornadoes "auntie em auntie em"

    I love comments too, but figure like with things I bring up with friends and family some of it is feedback worthy and catches their interest and some of what I have to just what I needed to say even if no one else joins in my process at the moment.

  5. Wow that does look dark and cold!! Cute kitty
    Way to go on getting out when you really didn't want to. That's what will add up in the end.

  6. Way to get out there! One excuse or rationalization leads to did great!

  7. Just caught up on your last few posts....sounds like you're making great progress girl!! Good for you for getting out there and doing the walk, and I have no doubt that if you do it daily, you'll be doing way more than 2 miles by this summer. You will be absolutely shocked at how fast your endurance will build up and if you just do it day in and day great for the mental aspects as well, not just the physical. Exercise is medicine! :)