Monday, March 29, 2010

a great day all day..

well these days are just good days everyday..and i think it really has something to do with how we react to the day...i got up this morning and wanted to go to church..we did and had a good was a cold day but a good one just the same, and we had fun today..this was the day after my moms birthday, but she got to celebrate twice..sean and his daughter came down and brought irene with them,so we got to see all three today.. we went to a place we are used to,it wasnt a buffet place..although i might have felt better if i had gone there..i ate the rotisereri chicken and it was good, but i felt so full when i was done..the cake almost got me this time..i only had one piece, but it was the icing that i was starting to like..and the picture of me in shorts is the only time you will see it til my legs become normal again..hehe

so i took one bite a big bite but a bite of icing and left it at that..boy am i glad the cakes are done for more birthdays for us til mine in june..yea! so we got the celebrating done and came home and the movie the Titanic was moms favorite movie and it had just we had been watching a good movie to end a good birthday weekend..she had so much fun this weekend and now she has money to go shopping..whoohoo..! i didnt do badly today...i did go over my calories by maybe not tooo bad..but it wont happen again..i went out and exercised and was hoping i could exercise the fullness away..i did some..but i was full all night..
well we did have a good day and now to start a new week..good choices all week long..thats what it is..good choices..
hope you all make some good choices tomorrow too..


  1. "I did go over my calories by maybe not too bad.."
    Kelli---Don't be dishonest with yourself. No, going over by 200 isn't going to effect you physically. But it has monumental effects mentally. That's how it starts. Did you hear yourself? "Not too bad." YES--It is.
    When you say "it wont happen again" do you really mean it?
    The integrity of your calorie budget mustn't be compromised. You wonder how I've had such consistent success? It's because I understand how vitally important it is to stop rationalizing, "not too bad." And treat this journey with an importance level it deserves.

    I love you Kelli, I just couldn't comment without recognizing this. I don't normally comment like this, so raw and true...but you're my Aunt...and I want you to do this so badly for you. It will change your life if you stay consistent, stay honest with yourself, and always maintain the integrity of that calorie budget.


    p.s.---It was a nice visit. Not long enough! Grandma was so wonderful, so beautiful! Irene was very happy to see her. She said (Irene) that she'll have to visit more often too.

  2. I left you an award on my blog! your doing great!

  3. Sean's got some good advice. you'll get this.

  4. Hey Kelli,
    Won't add anything to what sean said.
    You are doing great and you will get this.
    We are all rooting for you hon.