Friday, March 12, 2010

a cold friday night!

well this is friday march 12th,2010

at least it was ..iam writing late family watched half of the movie food inc. tonight and then the other half froze on we will have to rent it later and watch it..i was talking to my friend all evening by the texting and so i wasnt on the computer today at all which is amazing..well my mom hasnt felt well today and it has been a bad day for i watch her pretty closely when she isnt well..she rarely gets sick..but today she seemed to be weak, and no appetite..and she is sleeping alot..something that i used to see my dad do alot of before he died..

this always scares me when i see her sleep so much..our mom means alot to all of us and i know she is getting old and has lived along time..but it is never easy to think about your parent not being here..we have already lost our dad..its too soon to lose our mom too..but i am just going on here..i imagine she is just not feeling well..we are watching her and will always get her to the doctor if anything goes wrong..but i think she will be okay..she was somewhat alert tonight, even though she slept thru the movie and most of the night..but maybe that is good for her..she needs rest..

anyway that is how my day has been..taking care of mom and making sure she is okay..i didnt get to walk tonight..was going to walk inside but i ended up not doing it..the movie took part of the night and then my conversation took the rest..i didnt even give enough time to my bible reading like i should have..i read but not enough..

i will tomorrow..i will walk and read and lay off the texting as much as possible..iam getting ready to start drinking my water ..i need too..if i want to really get this weight off i need to focus on drinking more water and alot less diet pop..i think its bad for you even if it is diet..well this was a very cold day amazed me how cold it was..that is the reason i didnt walk at first..see iam feeling awful cause i didnt walk..can u believe it..i feel guilty because i didnt do the exercise..i guess thats good..well i will talk to you all tomorrow..i hope you all have a wonderful weekend..


  1. is wonderful to regret missing out on your helps to enforce that you really want to get better.

    I've been off my calorie counting for the last couple days. I was looking forward to getting back on it today instead of dreading it. I guess I just feel much more in control and on the right path when I do.

  2. I agree with Kyle. It's a great sign that you're feeling regret over missing that walk tonight. I feel ya!
    You're doing so wonderful Kelli, I'm so proud of you!
    Grandma is remarkably well considering everything. Maybe she's just tired...I hope and pray that's the case--. It will devastate me she passes...I know it will happen someday---But I want more time! I love her---and thank you for taking such wonderful care of her!
    You're right about the diet pop---it might be zero calories---and I occasionally have a diet 7up...but it's still bad stuff for our bodies. I could ask Dr. Amy for an explanation of why--because she knows and has told me before---It was like a big disappointment to me. You mean my beloved Coke Zero isn't good for me either?? Don't tell me that!!!!
    Every night when you put your head back to rest...feel that good feeling---knowing that you did it another day. You stayed true to your calorie budget and did everything you could to be consistent---and eventually, you wake up to a freedom you haven't felt since early childhood. Stay strong Kelli. Keep holding tight to your "iron-clad decision." Put up that "steel curtain zone" against the storms of life. This is important. Your importance level is set at the's life or death Kelli. Choose life and freedom. I know you are---and it's a beautiful thing to witness.

    Love you sis,

  3. Just wanted to say, hi and that I love the photos on your blog.

  4. When I was having a hard time getting the walking going on a daily basis, and drinking my water, someone told me you just have to make it as much of a daily habit as you do taking a shower and brushing your teeth. It's not something you consider doing, or even think's just something you do! Maybe that will help you, too. :)