Friday, March 26, 2010

what a stressful day!

wow..i dont know if this day could have been more stressful..well, maybe it could..but it just wasnt the greatest of the first things i did today, was go weigh..i wanted to weigh and see what iam before the big buffet tomorrow i did.and i havent moved off the same number all week..i weighed at the beginning of the week and it said 308, now today it says 308..i guess i should be happy it doesnt say 310 or 312..but i was hoping i had lost something..maybe i lost some inches..after all iam getting into clothes i hadnt wore in so long they probably are back in style again..hehe

well after that i had to go do a personal errand and i ended up waiting all afternoon for this to be done..something that only takes 5 minutes took an hour and a half and it made me so upset...of course i wasnt showing how upset i was too much..but i wasnt happy...and i was hungry..i was starting to look at the suckers they had there..i was getting stressed out and it wasnt we finally got done and got done with all the errands and got home..i was never so glad to see home as i was tonight..although, i was still stressed out about the whole day..i thought you need to exercise..funny how that pops in my head now..i didnt used to think that way..i used to think you need some pop and candy and ice cream to comfort you..well i did have the ice cream but not very much...i counted it in my calories..i always do now..and if i dont have enough then i dont have i went outside and did 30 minutes of exercises and walking to relieve my did help..when i came in, i was so much we had a good night despite how the day started..and now tomorrow night will be even better..i went out again tonight and did another 30 minutes so i got in two sets of exercises today..i pretended i was walking the runway like a model and it turned into alot of fun to walk..i try to be creative when i walk..hehe well i even drank 8 glasses of water today..go me! hehe i am trying so hard to really stay in it and focus, and so today i decided to drink the water and i more pop going to do going to live healthy and live long..this is a good year!

but now i am doing so much better..i am even looking forward to the challenge of my moms birthday tomorrow..i know i can do this and i will do this..
my mom is 83 now..her birthday is going to be today..on we are going to enjoy her birthday with her today..i hope you all enjoy your weekend..
God Bless You All..


  1. It is how we react to stress that can be the true marker of our mental strength and commitment to getting healthy. You are clearly going great on both items!

  2. I agree with Kyle... you did excellent diffusing that stress with the walking.
    Good job!

  3. Great job kelli.
    Give three or four days and you will drop a pound or two.
    Don't quit.
    I am here rooting for you.

  4. Wonderful job Kelli. Don't ever're doing fine. Temporary fluctuations even themselves out with consistency.

    You are doing amazingly well at every turn!

    My best always with love,