Friday, March 5, 2010

a very good day!

well i know this is now considered friday..but to me it is still thursday..i am so inspired by all the people that have commented on here, and it is just overwhelming to see so many people who are inspiring as well..i know sean has inspired so many, but from what i have seen, there are alot of people on here who have done so really is amazing to me..such an encouraging thing to see..

i have enjoyed the day has been such a nice day weather wise, so i decided to go walk this was cats decided to go along too..they like to guard me from the dogs and they did a good job..only the little puppy was just trying to play..hehe but it was nice. i walked and then my sister went and of us has to stay inside with our mom at all times..she is 83 in a few days and goes thru alot of dementia..this is something we do, we take care of our mother. i usually go to school during the day but this semester i took it off to rest..went thru some personal problems love wise..i guess you know i am the lovesick relative ..hehe i didnt even notice that til today on his blog..

well iam not lovesick any longer..believe me..i want to take some time and just get to know me better and get my health in order ..i have lymphadema in my legs and sleep apnea and i really dont want to have this forever..its a problem i deal with now but not for ever..but i enjoy taking care of my mom and we are a very close family so its nice to have all the time we do have with one another..but i will be back in school in the fall..i have 3 more semesters and i will have my bachelors degree in psychology and hopefully be able to go for my masters..i want to work with kids..

i have actually gone under my calorie count today..was very focused on how many i had. even right now i am eating the last of the calories for me..i am having a cup of sugar corn pops..120 calories and then i am done..thought it was pretty good..i ended up with 1170 calories today and then tomorrow starts again..sometimes when i really focus, its really hard to have that many calories..but when there is ice cream anywhere in site..i am done but i did count the calories just not before i had them the last couple of days..hehe

well this has really been an eventful day..iam so pumped now with all the support i am is so cool..i appreciate every one of you for reading this..and i know God will bless each of us and He does everyday!
thank you for reading and God bless you!
this is me and my cats walking tonight around where we was a really nice evening and they like walking along for a while..


  1. Glad you had a good day!! Was just curious if you chose the 1200 or if your doctor gave you that limit? Was thinking you might start out with 1500 like Sean's a personal choice though...just noticed that you didn't quite hit 1200 today. Very proud of you for being so focused girl!! Just wanted to remind you that our bodies need AT LEAST 1200 to function well, so please don't let it go TOO low...that can be counter productive to the weight loss!!! And so proud of you that you almost have your Bachelor's!! I haven't even completed the first 2 years of my Bachelor's in Accounting yet...I keep running out of money to pay for frustrating!! But one of these days I'll get it....hope you have a fabulous weekend Kelli! :)

  2. I have a cat that follows me when I take the dogs on a walk we call her "kittydog" sometimes as a nickname. :) great day! and I agree 1200 seems a bit low. I am sure you will find what works best for you and adjust things as needed. My apnea is gone now...whoohoo! You will love you and your body as you go through this process. I know I do! Good on you for taking care of mom! I live in a duplex with my mom to help her as she is getting older and so that she keeps a lil eye on my teen girls.

  3. Kelli,

    I am so excited for you. As Sean says this is such a great gift to give yourself! Somtimes there are bumps in the road but just remember never to give up. Don't give up on yourself because you are worth it.

    I'll be following ya every step of the way!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  4. When I start up my exercise DVD, my kitties get all jazzed and think it's playtime! I loved hearing the tiny meeow from your kitty on the walk. :-)

    Since losing weight, the lymphadema in both my legs has improved tremendously. No more ulcerated sores, no more on-fire redness and pain. The swelling is under control. And I am told that eventually my sleep apnea could "go away", too.

    We really DO have lots of reasons to do this for ourselves. Losing the weight can only make things better. :-)

  5. Make sure you don't go too low on your calories. You don't want your body to go into starvation mode!
    -FogDog Weight Loss

  6. Kelli,

    I might consider a few more calories. Just try 14 or 1500---do it consistently for two weeks....keep walking, and tell me about the incredible results in 2 weeks.
    Listen---the story is the same from Loretta---my sleep apnea is completely gone, has been for almost a year. The leg swelling---90% more ulcerated sores here either.
    This is a wonderful gift you've decided to give yourself.

    I love you and support you 100%. Listen---these folks know what they're saying---1200 is right at the line--anything below that and the metabolism starts shutting down. bump it up a little is great advice. Be consistent---and I guarantee results!


  7. Our cat used to follow us when we walked - but only as far as the first house with a big dog in the front yard!

  8. thank you all for the advice..i am trying to up my calorie intake but it sure is hard to do..have a great weekend..

  9. I'll be the minority voice. I'm a guy, six foot, and have been maintaining a "low" caloric intake since it is so easy to underestimate despite that I do weigh and measure all that I do eat.

    The "starvation mode" is actually a myth. Yes, too few calories can leave you with less engergy even cause dizziness, but early in a weight loss program will not affect you negatively.

    I've lost over 52 pounds in 15 weeks without a plateau.

    While I don't disagree with many of the sentiments, I think there are weighs to lose the weight safely while taking in the minimum number of calories.

    Despite some of the popular articles out there, we don't really "starve".

    Oh...were those cats on leashes or something? Too dark to see.

  10. Umm..quick want to eat enough to not feel week or dizzy. I don't want you to think that I think that is "okay" even in the early stages.

    I'm just saying that eating at the reported minimums if you feel alright is not the worst thing you can do.

  11. thank you kyle..i have a hard enough time trying to get 1200 down my no the cats werent on leashes..they just folow me..i have another video up where you can see them..they are pretty cute..have a great day!