Sunday, March 21, 2010

aches and pains..

today has been a day of nothing but aches and pains for me..i woke up this morning and my arms were still feeling like jello and then my legs started to feel the same..thats about the only way i can describe it..its the muscles in the arms and the legs that feel like they are doesnt feel good..i have fibromyalgia and it is not caused by is the pain in the muscles and i have a feeling i will have it like this whenever the weather is weird..and it has been lately..

i thought maybe, if i worked out it would help..i still couldnt go outside..oh i guess i could but it would be way too cold and i would likely come down with a cold i stayed in and did exercises to my fast music that i made a cd of..i really liked it although i couldnt play it on my stereo..i could on my computer and thats what i did..i thought it was kinda funny, but i am finding myself doing exercises when iam just standing i never thought i would become addicted to moving...hehe

i do remember when i was younger maybe in my 20's and i didnt have the leg problems i have now..i used to work out alot at the local gym and really enjoyed fact i got addicted to it then too...i do like exercising and iam finding out that this is probably the most vital part of losing have to move in order to burn have to do something..

but today i almost didnt do anything just because my head hurt and my aches in my arms and legs...all day and i still hurt even now..the moving around helped the legs some and hopefully by tomorrow i will feel better..but i got the exercise done and almost an i didnt do bad..i have certainly stayed within the calorie range today..we didnt go anywhere today at least me and my momma was too cold to get her out and since i didnt feel good..i didnt want to drive..

but i had almost 1300 today..sean and his girls came down and saw us this evening..that was a nice visit..we got to meet courtneys boyfriend bradley ...he was a nice quiet boy..we took alot of pictures..we always do when were all together..
sean enjoys the pictures alot more now since he lost all of his weight..and really he looks like he has lost all of it..i know he thinks he has more to go but he is getting so thin..and his grandma keeps telling him dont lose anymore..hehe..she is a great lady..and she is going to turn 83 83..i remember when she was in her 50's and we were walking all over burbank, california ..we had just got off the bus there and was going to be living there and try to help me get into the movies..she is a great mom..always very caring..

i know on saturday we will be going to the stockade..we always do for the i will be very careful at how i choose my plate..and yes i said a plate..i dont need to go back because i paid for it..believe me if i go back i will be paying alot more than money for it in the long run..i have decided that iam not going to let food defeat me..anywhere iam at it is okay..just count the calories and your fine..
well i think now i need to get to bed..iam hurting so bad now..hope you all have a good monday!


  1. ha, how funny...I was looking at the picture and thought...Hey that looks like sean.
    Then I realized it was.
    I had no idea whose blog I've been following lol.
    I'd follow you either way.
    Love your blog, and hope you feel better.

  2. awww how sweet..thank you so much..yes sean is my nephew/ we grew up together so we seem like brother and i hope you have had a good weekend..its been good here too..just in alot ..but thats okay..out tomorrow..yea! goodnight..kelli

  3. I enjoyed seeing everyone! The contrast between old Sean and now is so big---that's why grandma is convinced that I "shouldn't lose another pound!" She's so sweet. But Kelli...You know I have a ways to go. Not that far, but seriously...not there yet. Almost!
    You my dear Aunt, my are doing fantastic! Keep up the great job!
    Oh---and the Sirloin Stockade for grandmas birthday...Uhhhhgggg. I'll go and celebrate and I'll do it within my calorie budget---but you know I can't stand that place. It's a food addicts nightmare, that place. Not a dream. But it can be approached in a responsible way...and we will be responsible. But I have a hard time giving those people my money---and an even harder time watching people around us stuffing themselves silly---just because it's "ayce."
    It'll be fine. it's all about the focus. Taking it off the food and onto grandmas birthday and the visiting with family...that's what I'll enjoy about that trip. Not the unlimited fresh bakery items. ;)
    Love you sis,

  4. You and Sean are going to do great at the birthday dinner! Hey you've got each other to help :)
    Hope the legs and everything that hurts are better soon.