Saturday, March 6, 2010

a movie for friday..

this has been a good was kind of a disappointing day this afternoon..but i got over it..i started out the day getting up late because of this apnea i tend to sleep later than i like..but i didnt use the machine last night and i should would have only made me feel so much better this morning..right now my brother and i have to share his car since mine isnt running and wont be for i have to take him back to work i decided i would go weigh after i dropped him off..well it had been 10 days and i thought maybe weighing i would have lost something..unfortunately, that wasnt the case..i was still 315, and i cant figure out what iam doing wrong..i know i havent started drinking water yet, and i need too..but i did cut out the reg.pop, and i have started what is it..

i know alot of you have been saying to up my calories and so i am going to try and do 1300 and see what happens..but man it is hard to have that many for me..its like iam forcing myself to well i was sad cause i didnt lose but i remembered that muscle weighs more than fat and it could be muscle now..i know the leg is getting softer with the lymphadema..well this turned out to be a good day..i just had to make myself know that there will be days like this when i weigh and not lose..i just have to keep going because this is my isnt a race..

well we always go to wendys during the mom likes to do the same thing..not really liking change at her i had 2 grilled chicken go wraps and they put some bacon in them for me, and that was 560 calories..i had already had a protein bar which was 180..and then i tried to eat more i have had my share of sugar tonight..i had a half a bowl of ice cream and peanut butter and then i had a bowl of yep i had several calories..still not 1300..i am still at the point of being under my calories even tonight..i may have to have something else while i am watching the tv..

i went and walked tonight and it was so pretty..windy but cats went again and this time i did another video where you could see i will post it..they are funny..and boy do they get the sister walked before me and they walked with her and then they walked with me..we both do a mile ..i actually did a mile tonight and was so tired..iam still tired..i had to push myself at the end to get it done..but i did it..

we watched the funniest movie was one of my dads favorite movies of all..NO TIME FOR SEARGENTS..oh it is funny...andy griffith is the dad loved andy griffith and could watch his show for hours..he even wanted to make sure he got to see it when he was in the emergency room the next to last night he was alive..he was getting a room that night and wanted to make sure he got up there in time to see andy..that was dad..he was 84 and had a weak will be 3 years in april..

but we watched it and thought about dad tonight..then after that the family put in a john wayne movie THE WAR WAGON.. so this is movie night..every friday night is movie night for uncle comes over and watches a western with us..something he used to do with dad and now we just keep doing it in honor of this has been a good day..i will lose this weight and it will come off when its ready too..

but i have had a lot of fun along the way today..if we keep a smile in our hearts and on our face, then nothing will get us down..if we have JESUS in us we have everything..He is the only way for us to be happy..and i am trying my best to stay positive no matter what happens ..there is nothing to big or too hard for God to handle..
may you have a blessed weekend and enjoy the Oscars..i know i clooney is my man..i may have a few chips on that night..i dont know..i sure do appreciate the comments..i will try my best to start commenting everyone else too..i am just getting the hang of this right now..but thank you for reading..GOD BLESS YOU

and the pictures i have on here are of course my mom and my dad.and the one of the children are of me and sean when i was like 8 and he was 5..this was our swimming pool..sorry sean..hehe


  1. You probably already know this, but not using the cpap at night can dampen your metabolism... and the lack of oxygen affects all the organs. Just a thought, in case you weren't using it regularly.

    I'm glad you are fine-tuning the details of your journey... and upping the calories so your metabolism doesn't go into starvation mode.

    Oh, I and just read recently how much the water affects our ability to lose weight. It was here:
    Scroll down to the article titled: Dr J reveals his weight loss secret.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. HI, my name is Alan. As you start your 365 journey I’ve just about come up to my one year of blogging coming up April 1st… hence the name “foolsfitness” I’m enjoying reading your blog as you really take time to explore yourself and think about new ways to live your life.

    I’m about your weight, your age, even a Bachelors in Psych. I even have a cat. But what I really wanted to mention is that I had taken care of sick and dying parents for a long time. I don’t know if this is totally relevant to you, but I wanted to remind you while loving and taking care of others is of the utmost importance… Don’t forget to take time to take care of *YOU*.

    I hope this isn’t to personal to share but in taking care of my folks as they passed while I think I’d do it all again, I don’t regret loving my folks, I sort of lost a huge chunk of my own life in the process and I haven’t recovered even after a few years. I don’t mean being greedy in only thinking of yourself at all as a goal but if it’s anyway near the mark you can’t take care of others really well if you don’t take time for living the “you” part of life.

    I’ve gone through those “lovesick” times… and frankly part of me wonders how you’re able to shut it off. I know it seems to me that the world seems geared toward couples. It just seems less fun sometimes to do things and not share it with someone else… at least to me it’s awkward to go to the movies or an amusement part by myself.

    It’s been and is a learning curve for me learning nutrition and what a portion is. Resetting my mindset that I’m not depriving myself in some “diet” but looking toward a more healthy life… going toward something more instead of something less. For me learning that the passion and zeal sometimes is impulse… or all or nothing, well, sometimes for me isn’t realistic. Even the famous Sean has slipped a few times. I look at it like a kid learning to walk. I’m bound to fail and fall down… but you can learn from a little kid in that they take a moment (and perhaps cry) then try it again… until they’ve got it.

    Well, maybe we can share a bit of the journey together, I hope I can somehow encourage you and I’d like to invite and ask you to consider encouraging me too!

    My blog:


    Maybe you can get a laugh and burn a few calories as I take the plunge and try eating a vegetable or try to figure out how to get riding a bicycle again.- Alan

  3. Sorry the link was without a space...


  4. Oh Kelli---A topless photo of me!!! You are bad!
    That's one of my favorite photos from our childhood.

    Kelli---You're going to make it sis, you will!

    Love you