Thursday, March 4, 2010

my journey to a new life..

i havent been doing this for a long time..but i feel like it is something i need to do. my nephew has been doing this for a long time now and has lost 242 pounds and we are so proud of him..i know i can do the same..i have been heavy for most of my life..i was okay in high school,never the real skinny kid but 150 pounds til i was 18..then when i hit 18 and i was by myself in california just skyrocketed..i was told to lose 30 more pounds and what did i do..go put on 30 more well i was homesick and 18 and had never been away from my family til then..i can make up all kinds of excuses why i gained the weight, and i still make up excuses..its been a bad day..i have already broke it why not keep well now its up to me to stop making excuses and start doing something..

i have to this time..i have no choice, and really do i want to stay this heavy the rest of my life..NO I DONT! i dont want to ever be this big again..i weigh 315 now..i did weigh 356 a year i have lost some and will lose from now on..i started watching my calories again 10 days ago and have started walking again..i have bad knees and see another excuse..i could come up with excuses all day! lol but from now on its a healthier life or no life at all...i am 41 years old and would like to see 51 years old..and my doctor said if i didnt do this now i wouldnt see something has to give..

yaknow with my nephew losing all year, you would think i would have been so pumped i would lose it with him..but i guess each person has to do it themselves..and with the good Lord giving me the strength i need everyday..i will do it..He helps me thru it all and i give Him all the glory for the blessings in my life..i want to be thin, i want to be married..i have never married yet and i always thought it was because of my weight..that no one wanted to date a fat girl..well there are a few men out there who have proved me wrong and i thank them..but none has become my husband for some reason or another..

i know if God wants me to get married HE will provide the guy for me in the right time..right now i need to think about what my health needs..and do this for me and my life..i hope i can do this and keep going..i have done well except the past two days i have gone over the amount of calories i am supposed to have..instead of having the 1200 calories iam allowed, i have had more like 1400 calories..but i did walk and that is a start..right now its baby steps..and someday i will look back and wonder why i thought it was so hard to
enjoy the night..
God bless you all


  1. Kelli,

    I'm happy for you sis! I may be your nephew, but you know we've always been like siblings. I love you and I know you're capable of breaking free of this like I have and continue to do. I'm no different from you. Keep it simple. Maintain the integrity of your calorie "bank," and hold tight to your motivating thoughts Kelli. And walk as much as you can. Let the excuses and rationalizations fall to the ground as you set yourself free. 365 days Kelli. Give yourself that gift...and you'll see what a profound difference it will make for you. Write everyday...and most importantly---get very real and super honest with yourself. you know what's right Kelli.

    Love you

  2. Hi Kelli,

    I am also 41 years old. I weighed over 380 when I started. Its a lifestyle and each good choice helps you further along your way! I am now at 255 but it has taken a long time and a lot of persistance. Your knees will feel better and better along your journey and you will find fun things to do in addition to walking. I wish you ALL the best and want you to know... YOU CAN DO THIS. especially with one of the best weight loss cheerleaders in the world right there in your family. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

  3. Oh, and FORGET being married. It sucks.

  4. Sounds like you are off to a wonderful start. Keep remembering that it is all about you. How others achieve their goals and in what timeframe can be inspirational, but not a benchmark for your progress.

    You will react differently to exercise, food, etc. than anyone else too.

    We are a blogging community of individuals...we'll be here for whatever you need.

    Getting Better and Better

  5. I am 40 this year and I know how you feel. This is our year to do this!

  6. When I first started, I stuck that quote by Winston Churchill up and adopted it as my own... no matter what... never, never, never quit. Some days we "feel" it, and it's fun. Some days we do NOT feel it, and we keep going by choice.

    I'm 59, was overweight all my life, bad knees, count my calories (plus no sugar or flour cuz my body is pre-diabetic and carb sensitive), and so far, I've lost 103 lbs. It's taken a while, but at least it's in the right direction!

    I have learned so much from your nephew, and appreciate him so much. I think the Lord brought him into my life at the perfect time, from the very start of my blogging last August of 09. I am very thankful for the inspiration of watching his journey.

    Blessings on your journey!

  7. I'm looking forward to your wonderful journey this year!! I have no doubt that you can and will accomplish what you set your mind to do :)

  8. Hi Kelli, its nice to meet you. Just thought I'd start at the beginning of your journey... Wow, you are doing sooooooooooooooo well, congratulations on your losses!!!