Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am PUMPED..!

i have had a good day..i got up feeling good and am still feeling i decided when i took my brother back to work, that i was going to go see what i weighed..i have to weigh over at the health clinic because my scales dont go over 300 so it is a little while before i can use it i went in and jumped on the scales..i am not actually scared of the scales..but i am one of these people who like to weigh over and over like 3 times a week, and i have done well there..this is the first time in 8 days and believe me it was hard to stay but i am going to try and do it every 2 weeks, that way i wont get depressed if i hadnt lost some within a week..

anyway, i jumped on and had lost 3 more pounds this past week..i couldnt believe in 2 and a half weeks i have lost 5 pounds..i was so excited..i was finally seeing something come felt good..i really think it has to do with walking and maybe uping the calories to 1300 this week..but i know the walking is doing something..

i wanted to thank you all for the comments and apologize for being kinda childish about it..i just thought maybe i could just vent and get my frustration out and it wouldnt bother me anymore, and it it did help..but thank you for commenting..i am really enjoying this and it gives me time to reflect on my day and think about what we did, and how much i have endured all day..sometimes it is alot..and other times it is just another day..but it is always a good day even if its not...i have to stay positive and keep a smile on my face and in my heart or i could easily be depressed all day again like i was a few months ago..i went thru a nervous breakdown and it was not fun to go thru..i dont ever want to feel like that again..

i am going to pretty much always have the grilled chicken go wraps when we go to seems to be the best calorie value you can tell we dont do alot of cooking here..i am trying to learn how to but i havent learned a whole lot we go out to wendys and that gives my mom and sister an outing for the day...well after we came home, i got to be first today to go sister is usually the first one out but i wanted to be today and she let so i went out and walked, didnt have any cats with me this time..but as i was walking it was amazing..i saw a perfect shaped eye in the was a cloud but a perfect shape eye..when i got my phone out to take the picture it was gone..i couldnt believe was like a sign from God telling me He was watching over me..which i know He is but its always nice to be but i thought that was cool..

well i had my 1300 calories early today ..i dont think i want to do that anymore..its too easy to over eat when that happens..but i am so pumped now...i know i am going to go all the way this time..i am focused like i have never been before..
right now we are all watching the ANDY GRIFFITH show..we all like tv land..well if anyone wants to add me on facebook..i am kelli anderson..or my email is and that is my email if you want to email me too..i hope you all have a wonderful evening..i know i have had a great day!


  1. Nice loss! I love walking as well :)

  2. Great loss! You are making this happen!

  3. It's so wonderful when you make the effort, and keep going in spite of how you feel... then have this encouraging reward: 5 pounds lost! Congrats!

  4. Staying positive is vital Kelli---Great job! This journey can be fun and enjoyable or dreadful and miserable. You can get results either way...But the lasting success---the kind ripe with epiphanies along the way about our behaviors---That's the fun and enjoyable path. You're choosing that one, I can tell.
    Yeah---calorie management is tricky sometimes. Budgeting to last all day and evening can be tough---but along the way you'll discover wonderful ways to cut calories you will not even miss---Calories you can use later in the day/evening.

    I love you Kelli---Oh, and great job on the weighing every two weeks!!! And a big hug is coming your way from me when I see you---Congrats on the 5 pounds!!!!

    You're doing this!!!

    My best sis

  5. Hooray on the 5 lb loss!! That's fantastic very, very proud of all your efforts. Keep up the GREAT work! :)