Tuesday, March 30, 2010

exercising the pounds off..

i have exercised so much today..i should have exercised my weight completely off..hehe well alot of anyway..i have walked a mile and a half and then i have done an hour of reg.exercising..iam into it now..i have been doing something every two hours or so today..i love it..it feels so good to get out there and move..it was just a few months ago that i couldnt even walk without my cane and was using the walker all the time to walk with..well maybe i should still be using the walker some to walk with because my knee keeps going out on me..but iam not walking with the cane anymore and not walking with the walker..so i have come a long way..i wish these pounds would fall off..i know they will one day..but i do wish it would be soon..i weighed today and i havent lost a pound in two weeks..i have been losing inches but not pounds..and it is so frustrating..anyway i know i have to keep going and not look back..i dont want to go back to being 356 or even get higher..i wouldnt survive any higher..i know that..

i have had a good day..especially the walking part..i enjoy doing that..i ended up drinking 8 glasses of real water tonight..i say real water because i am used to flavor water and i just decided to drink the real stuff today..it will take some getting used to believe me..i found some more clothes i hadnt wore before..i think it is so cool to go to the closet and pull out a whole new wardrobe..hehe

we watched the biggest loser tonight..i am not really into that show..i dont think i could ever be on there..just because i dont do well in competition and iam too sensitive and would probably cry if jillian would yell at me..hehe

i can see though she has to be strong for them and get them motivated..i just think i can be the biggest loser here at home..i can do all the same stuff and more right here in my own front yard..and thats where i do the exercises..so in a year we will see where iam at..i know i will be thinner than before..iam not going back..just moving forward..keep movin on..

if i dont start shredding some pounds though i am going to be changing something..this weight has got to go..but i can already see a difference in what i used to look like and now..it is amazing to see it sometimes..i will post a picture of me at 356 on here ..i look so different..! i hope you all have a wonderful night..i posted some ..enjoy the night..these pictures were of me when i was 356, then christmas last year and now..i have changed quite a bit at least n the face..lol


  1. I know you are frustrated but in the beginning your weight might stay the same for a bit. That is because your muscles are getting stronger and they begin to weigh more. Don't get frustrated. If you are noticing inches gone, you are doing great.
    Don't overdo the exercising though. You don't want to wear yourself out. Good job with keeping with it. That is something I can't seem to do. Proud of you. Keep it up!

  2. Kelli,

    We've nominated you for a blogger award! Your blog is awesome and we have no doubt you will reach and stay at your goal!

    We will be there for you all along the way!

    Come to our blog for award pick-up!

    Jana & Tina
    Diet Buddy Girls

  3. You keep doing what you're doing Kelli---the weight will fall. You're doing wonderful...keep your importance level this high---and you will sail to your goal.

    Love you

  4. I know how frustrating it is when the scale doesn't match your efforts. But you said you are losing inches. The scale will catch up. Inches are really what matters in the long run. You won't be carrying a scale around with you. People will notice the inches lost.

    I don't think I could be on Biggest Loser because I'd miss my family way too much and I wouldn't get into the game play. But I think I would laugh if Jillian yelled at me. LOL I mean, what can she really do to you? Nothing. It would just crack me up. But I'm twisted that way. :)

    Congratulations on getting so much exercise in!! Keep up the great work.

  5. Not much I can really add to those commenting before me, so I'll just lend my agreement. You are doing great...yes...I too am addicted to gratification and if I can't get from the scale, it gets awfully tempting to get it from somewhere else. Your body will respond...trust it.