Monday, March 22, 2010

wow a size

wow this has been some day..i got up feeling some better today..although my headache kept trying its hardest to come back and did for a while..but despite that, i have enjoyed this nice weather..i got outside and did my exercises today even though it was this evening when i did really felt good..i actually did almost 2 hours of walking and exercises and it felt amazing..

i found one of my blouses that i hadnt wore since i was 29 years old, and it fit me..i couldnt believe it was a size 24 and i had gotten up to a 30-32 and was now into a when a 24 fit me i was is so much fun to see myself getting smaller and smaller..and i know i am going to be 130 pounds..i just know it..i dont think i have ever seen myself that thin least i dont remember what i looked like if i but wow and when you think it cant get better it does..i found a t-shirt tonight that is a 2x and i havent been in a 2x in i dont know how in fact i have never wore this t-shirt at this was fun..hehe

the calorie counting is becoming so easy to me now..its like old habits now..just count what your eating..i have even had ice cream today and was was in my calorie i had it..i worked it all off believe me...i felt it coming off tonight..i was sweating when i came in and it was cold outside..hehe

my sister is doing well too..she is walking 2 times a day now and thats 2 miles around here for her..she is going to be so much healthier next year just by taking it one day at a time...and thats all we can do..just take it one minute, and one hour..whatever you can do and do it the same will be easier and easier and soon you will be doing one hour everyday and before you know it, you will be seeing results.. i have been getting letters from readers on here and facebook and iam so in awe of people who are taking the time to read this blog and consider me an inspiration to them..this has been a miracle for me, and i have God to thank for this and my own family for always lovingly trying to get me to get this off..

if i can help anyone on this road to better health, and be an inspiration to anyone, then i am the one who is being blessed by this..if i can do this, anyone can do this..when i started losing weight 2 years ago, my highest was 356 and now iam 308 and when i reach 300 that will be a record breaker for me..i havent been 300 since i was 29 years old..and thats just the start..i will see 130 before i graduate in 2011..i will see it..

i hope if you have extra weight on you or you have some sorta illness, or problem..that you will put your best effort towards making your life yourself some more time on this yourself freedom..and does feel like freedom and all it is for me at least is healthy choices..counting calories and doing exercises..i know i need to start the water..i havent done that yet..but i am getting there...i so appreciate everyone who reads this blog..and i hope i do help people..its always nice to be able to help others..i know you all certainly do help me..and i appreciate that..
i hope you all have a wonderful night..


  1. How fun to fit into a smaller size! I experienced that recently, and it just makes you laugh right out loud!

    Thanks for the comment... feel free to join the challenge. I find it helps me stay focused, especially on days when I want to procrastinate. And you can choose your own goals, so no pressure there.

    About saying something about yourself each week that you like: I KNEW I needed to do that, per Mary's suggestion. Why?? Cuz when I sat down to make out a rough list of 13 things, I couldn't do it! It was like pulling teeth!

    If you asked me to list 13 things I want to IMPROVE about myself, no problemo. But I was surprised at how hard this was... so I know it is something that I need to work on.

    I know without a doubt that God loves me, right now. Yet it's hard to make a list about myself telling things I like about me, right now. Yep, a definite reason I needed to do it. :-)


  2. well i may join are a wonderful person and i know you will be able to come up with things every week..loveya,kelli

  3. Kelli,

    I love that you say you KNOW you will hit 130.. because the most important thing is that you believe you can do it! so I KNOW you will do it too!

    It's a fun journey in which all the fabulous rewards along the way encourage us to keep going!!!

    You are doing great!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  4. You have that spark that we all need to keep us going each minute of each day. Time will take care of itself, you are already taking care of yourself.


  5. I know the first time I bought some clothes in a "smaller" size I actually felt it a bit surreal. I looked at it and thought it wouldn't fit... but gave it a shot. it was a rush to get some shirt that looked good.

    I've been haunted by that 300 mark. Each time I near it I fail and bounce up. I'm still trying. I can't fathom the day when I see a number starting with a 2 instead of three!!!

    At Foolsfitness I'm hoping the new bicycle will get me there!- Alan

  6. Kelli, I have been reading and want to wish you well on this journey. I am obese and struggling with my weight. I appreciate you sharing your life with all of us and I am so happy for the success you have had and will have. God bless you.

  7. Yay! you are doing great. That is an awesome non scale victory! Your are way on your way! I know that the pain is hard and the fact that you are moving means a whole world of difference!

  8. Isn't it cool
    Your melting, meeeeelting meeeeeelllllting.
    Keep up the great work.