Wednesday, March 10, 2010

a bad migraine day!

this is supposed to be for tuesday..march 9,2010

i am even right now going thru a very bad migraine so i may keep this short..this has been a good day..i got up as i usually do and had my special k protein bar..i really like those bars and they keep me full..they only have 180 calories in the bar and i can get to lunchtime eating one of these..i ended up with some cereal too but i stayed within the limits again today..i got to 1300 calories and thats good..i am trying to see if this helps and get me back to losing..i know exercise is so important, and drinking water everyday is something i need to be doing..i havent started that yet and i really should..

it has been 2 days since i was able to walk outside..i have had such a bad migraine and still have one now that i didnt want to try to walk today..but i am going to walk tomorrow..i must keep it up..i dont want this attitude to change now that i am getting focused on losing and walking..a couple of years ago i was very focused on this, and was doing well..i was walking everyday and had lost 45 pounds in 3 months which i thought was so great..i was getting ready to have the lap band operation and was told i needed to lose as much as i could before the surgery..i was getting ready to have the operation..was 2 days from it and was told by my doctor i couldnt do it for another month because i didnt have enough iron in my system..i had already postponed it once before , well the doctor did i didnt..but i decided then i was going to do it myself..something was telling me no dont do i didnt..but i lost the focus after that..i think i got depressed and just lost the want and the confidence to do it..but i didnt gain back the weight except for maybe 10 pounds..which was good considering i was going into a new relationship at the time.

but that is no more too and now i am back to focusing on myself..i am looking at the road ahead and counting every morsel i put down my throat..after friday i may not want to put any morsels down my throat..hehe we are going to watch food inc..instead of a western its going to be a thriller..hehe i have been told after watching this i will not want to eat we'll see..

well i have slept all night and now i am pretty much awake but still hurting, i am wondering if this has something to do with not wearing the mask last started last night and hasnt ended..but i am trying to wear the mask but it feels like i am suffocating in it..and i end up taking it off..we went to wendys again today and i find that wendys really is a better calorie value with their food..they have alot of low calorie foods and they always have the counter up which i like and i think every restaurant should do..i had 2 of the grilled chicken go wraps..i had them add bacon and it is so good.only 560 calories this way..i need to get water next time when i eat..i always like ice cream too and i count the calories for it..this is what i like about this..i can have whatever i want, as long as i count it in the bank..its so cool..i do wish we had thought this up years and years ago..but now sean is little and i am going to get there too..we will have some cool family pictures at christmas you will notice i am the family photographer..i take pictures of everything and we go along here you will find that of course i am the one who has taken pretty much all of seans photos he

i hope you all have a wonderful wednesday and keep doing what you have to do..

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  1. I know the mask is hard to get accustomed to using. BUT---It's imperative right now kelli. Your organs need the oxygen...are you breathing through your nose?? That's the key.
    My hope and prayer for you is for you to have the same freedom from sleep apnea that I've experienced as a result of my weight loss.
    Not everybody automatically loses the disorder with weight loss---but it's a pretty good possibility!

    Love you sis