Monday, March 8, 2010

I surprised myself..

well i hope everyone had a good weekend..i had a pretty good one..but my Monday has been a rainy one...oh my the rain here is like a flood..i got drenched so many times today, it was awful..i thought i was going to go get my knee injections this morning but didnt get to do it..i am now going in 10 days to do it..i hope my knees hold out..well my brother took the snacks to work with him and got them out of my sight..i am not going to do that again..there were too many empty calories in the chips to really think i was enjoying it..i mean really, enjoying that many calories..all i really wanted was the m and m ' really that is all i should have bought..

But this being a Monday,everyone always hates Mondays..i looked at my blog and saw where my nephew was getting on to me for the snacks..well i took it well..he means well and he wants me to keep living and i want to keep i started the calorie counting again..which i was going to do anyway..but we decided to go to a buffet today because it has senior specials and its cheap..somewhere we did..and to my amazement, i was in control..i started off with a salad with low cal dressing, and had cottage cheese and some fruit..then after i was thru with that, i went and got a piece of roasted chicken..and took the skin off..i thought wow i am doing good here..i even took a half of my moms roll..something i dearly love at this place..and i got some vegetables and some more fruit and left it at desert or anymore bread or anything..i didnt even have mashed i was in control for once..i had just went to a buffet and ate a plate that was 500 calories and left feeling good..this was sister did pretty well too..she didnt have half as much as she normally we both did well..that was a good thing..

we came home out of this rain and iam just now drying out..i really hope i am not going to catch a cold..i have been talking to a friend of mine tonight and he is just so down about things..i keep trying to cheer him up but it just isnt working and i am not always sure what to say..i know that this positive attitude really helps to get thru the problems of our everyday life..i have always tried to keep a positive mindset..but it hasnt always is not always what we want or what we set out to have, but its what we get and our attitude has alot to do with what we get and how far we get in life..if we set it to just what we have now, we will never get any farther than we are now..but if we never have limits and try and shoot for the stars ..who knows how far we will go..but we want to do it the right way..hard work and perserverence..not stepping on someones toes to get there..God is our Savior and if we honor Him ...He will bless order for us all to get this weight off of all of us we need to put God first and rely on Him for the help we all need..He will give it to us all and He will put us with the people we need to encourage the most..sometimes we need the encouragement too..i am not trying to sound like iam preaching..i just get started and its hard to get off of this subject for

i know we will all go down this road at different times with our weight, but iam glad i am going down this path with you all to help me along the way..i hope you enjoy your night and i will talk to you all tomorrow..God Bless You ..kelli


  1. I am so proud of you. I, myself, have not set foot into a buffet restaurant in over 4 months. I won't let myself do it. No matter how successful I've been so far in losing weight, I know my triggers. When we first got into Moab, UT, there was a Chinese Buffet restaurant right in the parking lot. We had to eat out dinner every night, but that wasn't one of the places we went. I walked by that place frequently and was literally afraid of it.

    Maybe one day, I'll have the courage that you had to go in and not try and put them out of business in one sitting.


  2. way to handle the buffet! you are much stronger than I!

    - Lisa

  3. you have to remember...your always in control.
    Whether you put in one roll or twenty.
    Great job on the choices you made today.
    Nice blog.

  4. thanks everyone.i was pretty proud of how i handled but i need to always be this way when it comes to whatever place i eat at.but thanks for all the great comments..loveyou all