Friday, March 19, 2010

doing the exercises without an ipod..

well this is a gloomy friday night, at least weather not so fact i feel pretty good today in spite of having a headache right now..i weighed today and have lost 4 more pounds so now i have lost 9 pounds this month and iam stoked..i am really pumped..this is a day with bad weather and actually going to be more snow tomorrow..can u believe that..a blizzard and its almost spring..anyway when i went out to do my exercises this evening my ipod froze just froze on me and i had no music to do them i took my camera with me and took pictures of the cats..hehe

i know they think i am silly but hey iam the human here..hehe they looked at me like not again..not another picture..but i did it sister is doing well now and is walking 2 miles a day now..i got a picture of her too walking in the rain..hehe..

we both have done well on calories and she is finally getting rid of the 3 pounds she had been hanging onto for awhile..she uped the walking and boom its i know exercise is vital and its something we have to do forever..not a semester or a day, but forever..

my friend on facebook told me how to get my ipod unstuck..iam so thankful for that..i know thats a small thing but i need the music to be able to do the exercises..i did them though without the ipod but i wasnt as focused and the rain was coming down my exercises kinda slacked off for tonight but i will be right on it tomorrow..i did do 30 minutes of pretend music to exercises..hehe

i have had a good day, and i know its the attitude i bring to the table so to speak...its how we look at things and how we wish to view the things that happen to i was saying, we can choose to be positive and friendly and a smile on our face, or we can choose to be grouchy and negative and always complaining..we have the power to make everyday a good day..and along with the good days come the good choices we make..i want to encourage everyone who reads this and anyone who needs help as i will always need support..if you need to talk or you get discouraged..iam here for you..iam going thru the same things as all of you..i am trying my best everyday to get up in a good mood and stay this way..and i am giving it my all to stay away from bad choices..but we all will go thru occasions where we are going to really have to make the choice bad or good..and we will live with whatever choice we make..but i am here..and i am thankful that you all are here for me too..have a wonderful weekend..


  1. Remember what I said about ankle weights!! :) keep going girl! Walk it ALL off!! Love ya!

  2. Great job on the poundage lost.
    I have had a few times where I have not had music..I don't mind it outside, but at the gym it is a killer.
    I have to listen to some goon who has headphones on yelling at the news.
    cute cats.
    I love my cat too.
    Cat people rule.
    Have a great weekend.

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