Thursday, March 18, 2010

i was blessed today..turned a bad day good!

i was in my green today..hope you all were too..hehe

well, this has been a day..a day like this used to make me so stressed out, that i would end up getting a dr.pepper and maybe even eating a candy bar..i know i wouldnt care what my calories were and sure wouldnt exercise..

well not day started out okay..the afternoon is when my day usually starts with the running around of errands and getting my brother from work..well i did that i took him to work and then i went to the doctor today to get my shots in the knees and wow do they ever hurt..i forgot that they hurt for a couple of days afterward..hehe but i needed them..actually i was fine walking in today but i had been having pain i got them and then the pressure built up and i hurt..i went home and got my mom and sister and we were going to do errands and before i could get to walmart, my tire went flat..i had hit something and didnt know it and i was really blessed to be able to get into the parking lot where i was at..i had to drive into the lot where the trucks go in and out..but it was right behind the tire place so God was taking care of me..then i had to walk over there and see if they could change it and so they came over and changed the tire ..luckily and another blessing was that my brother had a full size tire in the trunk and it was i didnt have to buy a tire which was good because i really didnt have any then they put that one on and said no charge..i couldnt believe it charge and it was cold and hard to take off and they were nice enough to do this for what nice guys..i felt so blessed today and we even got done in time to do our errands and pick up my brother just like nothing had happened..what a day..

we came home and was so exhausted and relieved and blessed all at the same time..i didnt get any pop that was reg. pop and i didnt over eat..i did what i have been doing everyday and that is to go and do my exercises outside..i went outside this evening and did the ramp and walked for 30 minutes twice tonight..and that was amazing in itself..because my knee kept giving out on me and it hurt so bad i wasnt sure i could make it ..i almost fell a couple of times tonight..but i did it..i pushed myself and it got easier to do..i really am having fun doing the workouts and it feels like this weight is just going to drop off..well it is very late and i need to go to i can start another blessed day..i have stuck to my calories everyday and am doing the exercises all the time..i am going to get some weights too pretty soon and wear them on my ankles maybe then it will come off faster..i dont know i dont want muscles just yet..but we will see..

i hope you all have a blessed day tomorrow too..enjoy the day..its almost spring!


  1. Nice, very nice! What a wonderful thing that they did that for free!
    You're doing great Kelli...Keep up the awesome job. You're doing a wonderful thing for yourself!

    Love you,

  2. Hi Scone girl,

    This is my first visit to your blog. I found you from Chris' blog and liked your "handle". So glad I found you! I'm having knee issues after 2 arthroscopic procedures in the last 3 months and the sloooow-ness of healing that is keeping me at a very low level of exercise. Makes me very cranky, and unfortunately very hungry. UGH! Anyway, I'll be following you now to see how your journey progresses. Great job yesterday not letting the hard stuff turn the day into a bad one. Love your attitude!

  3. Good things come to good people...

    Your body will release the weight on its own schedule. I hope you keep your high energy and optimism and don't get disappointed if your body doesn't respond as you would hope.

    You are doing absolutely amazing and getting out there will be rewarded with results. I know.

  4. I would work on light weight upper body... triceps biceps start light do high sets and reps to build long lean muscle... do it while your are watching tv...

    and or core work has helped me enormously from the beginning of my journey working my ab and back muscles helped support all my other joints and avoid injury. to lay on your stomach and lift your head arms and legs up works your back and helps you when walking these are things that I think Sean can show you a couple basics and you can do them at home whenever you have 10 minutes or so to boost your mood and get you heart pumping. Muscle burns more and helps you feel better and in shape.

  5. That's wonderful that you stuck to your plan in spite of circumstances. Progress!

    By the way, just a small thing: I don't know how it looks on other peoples computers, but on my screen the little logo for Shabbyblogs covers part of your title for each post... don't know if you knew that.