Saturday, April 10, 2010

3 years and we still miss you..

this has been a really tough daddy died this day 3 years ago..we have missed him ever since, and we always will..he was a very important man to all of us..he was our dad, our grandpa, my mommas husband,a brother, and an uncle to alot of people..he was a christian man, and he was a son ..he was alot of things to alot of us, he was also a military man..he served his country in WWII..he was in the honorable man..he was my dad..

i remember as a child, i was scared of my dad..what i was scared of was his belt..his loudness and him yelling at me to get me to school..i think he was afraid i was going to be like he was, and not like school..he didnt want to go to school when he a kid, and so he didnt have alot of fact he often wondered why i went to school so much these last years he was alive..i kept telling him, i had to have my degree to get a good job..its like a requirement now..but i was a sickly child and he didnt get that..i spent alot of time going to doctors and wasnt in school all the he would take the belt and believe me when he started with the belt, you had better do what he said..he never once spanked me with it, but he sure took it out alot..i really dont think he could hurt anyone..just loud..

i remember my dad working two jobs all the time to help us get by..he would work at the hospital cleaning in the daytime, and then go to moore business forms in the afternoon and work till late..he did this everyday of the week..i never really saw him much til the weekend came, and then we were able to do stuff..

he was a good he got older, he got quieter and more easy going..he and i got very close as he became an older man..i have lived with my parents my whole life, and really i thought i was helping take care of them and that they needed me, but maybe i was the one who needed them..maybe i was the one who was scared to get a life so to speak..i never had a car til i was 27 and my dad would take me everywhere..if i had to be somewhere..he took me and he picked me up..he never really said much about it, he just knew we couldnt afford anything else right then and that was the way it was..we didnt have a bus service then..

i do miss my dad..he was a great man..i dont think i realized just how good of a dad he was til i was older and he was retired and we could talk together..he loved westerns and even if he had seen the western a thousand times..he always said he didnt remember it..he had never seen so we watched it now we have western night on friday night, to honor dad..

i thought about my dad all day mom was sad too today and i am wondering if she subconsciously thought about that..she isnt remembering much with the dementia..
i did walk 2 miles today, even feeling sad..i thought maybe it would help bring me out of sure wouldnt i walked and now iam sore from the last few still focusing on my weight..i know my dad would be so proud of me and my sister for getting it off finally..and i know he would be proud of sean for losing all of that is a miracle for all of us to finally have caught this mentality of getting it off..i was looking through old pictures of me tonight, and i dont ever want to see 356 again..not ever..i remember i couldnt breathe at that weight, i couldnt walk either..and now i can do it all and i am not even close to being this is a good thing..and i know my dad is watching over us all in my family and loving every minute of seeing us lose this weight..

all the pictures i am putting up is of my dad and his ship ..
we love you dad..


  1. This post was really beautiful.
    I wish I could come have coffee with you and take a walk. Your dad sounds like an interesting guy.
    My step dad watches westerns. he loves headed stranger, the cowboys with john wayne, anything with clint eastwood.
    I am so glad your whole family is getting healthy and living each day to it's fullest.
    Hugs to you and your mom on this day.

  2. thank you..i wish we could too..i know we would be great friends..and are now..yea my dad loved john wayne..but he was the same way..anything as long as it was a i like westerns..hehe have a great night..

  3. How wonderful that you were able to talk with your Dad and get to know each other after you became an adult. You were able to have a better understanding of who he was then. Such great memories.

  4. A beautiful post, what a handsome man. That photo in his uniform, he looks like a Hollywood movie star. He sounds like a man who loved his family above all else.

    Big Hugs to you and your mum.


  5. Touching beyond words...he is with you, always.

  6. A great post to the memory of a great man!

  7. Love this post. very sorry about your loss, i lost my wonderful mum just a year and a half ago so I know the pain...Great job getting the walk in despite feeling down. Have a wonderful evening.
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  8. I miss him too Kelli. We're better people and a close loving family because of his wonderful love and example.

    I think about him often.

    Love you

  9. Sorry I'm late to this post....I've been so sick the last few days and trying to keep up with my challenge. This was a beautiful tribute to your Dad. I'm sorry you lost him...I don't know what I'll do when my Dad passes. I guess God gives us the grace to deal with it when it comes. I'm glad you got to spend more time with him in his older years. I'm sure you have a lot of special memories. Westerns remind me of my Dad, too. I've seen EVERY John Wayne and Clint Eastwood movie out 100x each, lol.