Monday, April 5, 2010

saying no to chocolate and walking my legs off..

i can truly say i have walked my legs off i walked this evening because we had places to go this afternoon..beginning of the month is always a busy bill paying i walked around 630 this evening and it felt so nice..some sort of storm was trying to blow in but didnt at least not yet..we have chances tomorrow..

i walked a little over a mile then, and then i went back out around 830 and walked a little over a mile i have walked tonight 2.3 miles and i feel sore...oh boy am i sore..but i feel great too..i pushed and did it..more than 2 miles i am going for 2.5 and then onto 3miles soon..i know i can do 3 miles..i might have to do it 1 mile at a time for a while..but i love to walk..i really do..

and i did so well, i went to the bank this afternoon and my banker has chocolates on his desk for anyone..well i used to grab one or two when i wasnt counting..he had hershey kisses and favorites...but i didnt get one today..not one and they were calling out my name..i could just hear them..kelli kelli..dont you want a no i said..come on good for you..dont you want one..just one..
just one huh...NO..come on im fun size theres no calories in me..hehe you wanna make a i won out for so glad i did..i honestly kept looking back at the candy like they were tempting me..hehe i felt funny but i won the battle..

i stayed on my calories..i walked my legs off and i felt good all day..this not only makes you feel good physically, it also makes you feel good attitude is so much more positive and i try and do my best every day..i know God is helping me stay focused and keep on track..but i am not even wanting to be in a bad mood anymore..i dont want to see things as half empty..because i know that i can do all things through Christ..nothing is impossible..and i know as long as i try and give it my best effort, then i will eventually get to the place i need to be..

iam just honestly feeling good these days..and iam thankful for all my friends and family and all the readers who follow me for supporting me in a positive way..
i hope you all have a wonderful tuesday..


  1. It is so great to love yourself...God loves us, but sometimes we don't. Your choices to walk longer and longer and to say no to chocolate are just more ways of proving your love of yourself.

  2. You are doing wonderful Kelli! God is definitely supporting you in all your endeavors and has plans for your life greater than you can even imagine. Keep up the hard work, you're awesome! :) :) :)