Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a good day and i didnt have to force myself..

i feel like this sometimes..hehe

i have had another day were i was tired..i was so sleepy this morning and now i am so wide awake..i guess i am a night but i had to force myself to get up this morning, but i thought if you miss this appointment, you will have to stay in these wraps all day..oh no i wasnt doing that..i got up as fast as

i got to therapy and got these things off and oh i could breathe..awwww i sure feels good to scratch..and it does too..i always go to the shower and get in and that feels good to get the warm water on my legs, but oh man if you scratch before you do that it will burn..but still feel good..

i jumped out and got rewrapped and it really feels good to get redone ..and then by nighttime it is back to coming off again..we had a good day, and it felt good today..not too hot and not cold i enjoyed walking..i walked this evening and it was getting sorta hot then..but was okay..i decided i have to do this for has to be done and it has to be done now..i will not lose it any other whether i feel like it or not, i have to walk..and i did..i went out and did a mile in about 40 minutes..i would like to do a mile in 20 minutes but thats a while a for now iam doing fine..

i am enjoying knowing that my consistency is what is going to pay off for me..its what is going to be the key..i have to walk everyday and i have to focus everyday..its the main thing..if i have a bad day its to be expected..we all do but i still have to walk and i still have to focus on what i am doing and how is it affecting me..but iam trying hard to keep my days positive now..its not always easy but its the best thing to do..

i hope you all enjoy your day on wednesday..its the middle of the thats good..
enjoy every moment..we are blessed with the gift of life..

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