Thursday, April 15, 2010

wow i made it to my first goal..300

okay these are my legs today..there is a huge difference when you see them in person.. and this is me today at 300 and the other one was 317 ..i need to find me at 356..but iam getting smaller..

well the last two days have gone really therapy keeps me pretty busy and it does take time to do it..but iam sure glad im getting it done..i needed it a while back, but now i am doing it and loving it..

my legs are going down is so amazing to see it when i unwrap the legs and just look..i can see a normal ankle legs are taking shape and it is so cool..of course i take pictures everyday of what it looks like..i have to see for myself how it is coming along..i have been walking too the last well all week..i went a mile everyday til tonight, then tonight i thought hey i can do a little more i went a mile and a i not too slow getting faster again..soon i will doing 2 miles an hour..

i went and weighed today just to see how much fluid is actually leaving my legs..i am now officially 300 pounds..WOW i thought this isnt so..i couldnt believe it ..i havent been 300 since i was 30 years feels so good to see a lower number and to get excited over weight loss again..iam so pumped i could not even see myself going back and getting off this is too simple and i have come so far already, why would i want to go back to being more than 300 way..never ..iam focused and ready to go..eating 1300 calories just seems too easy and walking everyday is just a habit now..i couldnt go back anyway..i would feel too guilty because of all the bad habits i was getting into my whole NO i will always watch my calories and always find something to do to be active..its just me now..this is my new life and i plan on living it to the fullest and being a normal healthy weight, i will be able too...isnt it great to feel good about yourself..!

i was so excited to see 300 i started posting it on facebook and texting my friends and family..this was my first was so nice to be able to see had been so long since i was there..i was 27 when i was 290 and believe me i kept going up from there..i had just gotten off the podemin and had lost from 290 to 215 on that..well it didnt take me long to get back to 290 and this feels good..and now iam onto twoterville..yea!

well iam excited and flying high to see how much weight i actually lose with this fluid..i would love to have 20 pounds off with this fluid..wouldnt that be nice..hehe
iam so ready to be thin for once..i cant wait..
i hope you all have a wonderful friday..


  1. Oh Kelli, How cool! Congratulations on reaching your first goal!
    I hope you lose 20 lbs with the loss of fluid as well.
    "it's who I am'.
    That is a key phrase...
    It's one I use all the time.
    I exercise, it's who I am...
    I don't pig out now...It's how I roll.
    That is a very good and telling shift in mindset.
    You are doing great and I am so happy to see it.
    Keep up the good work!

  2. This is my first visit to your blog..I'm Kenz. :) We currently weigh the same. hehe I started last April, and I'm down 93 pounds so far (though I skipped today's weigh-in because I'm out of town.)

    I'm so thrilled for you that you reached 300 because I know precisely how awesome it is to have come that far.

    I can't wait to read more on your blog...!

  3. Kelli,

    Your post is amazing! I love hearing how the results of this journey are affecting how you feel inside. It is so incredibly awesome... and it will only get better. There is nothing in this good world that will deter you from reaching your goal. You have the fire within!

    Love it!
    Diet Buddy Girl

  4. Congratulations, Kelli! I'm just starting on my weight loss journey and found your blog very inspirational. It feels great when you hit those milestones, eh? :)

  5. Congratulations Kelli, a well deserved landmark to arrive at. You must be tickled pink;o)

  6. Yay! This is such an amazing accomplishment! your are doing so great! Just keep chugging along! Its great how you decided you can do a little bit more! Know your body and know when to give it a little bit more! I am so excited for you

  7. Congratulations!!!!! You should be so proud of yourself. You are doing awesome.

  8. Kelli you are doing amazingly well! Keep up the good work. You can reach all of your goals if you just keep on the task and give yourself time.

    Margie M. writes at:

  9. Very very cool...I know next to nothing about the leg condition you this something that will go away with continued weight loss?

    Very happy for you!

  10. MLD?
    Coolest thing on the plant?
    Good job on the pounds!
    The happiness shows up in your smile.