Friday, April 30, 2010

a windy and blustery day! where are you pooh bear?

these are just some of the women and me at our meeting tonight..

wow what a does no good to fix your hair when you have wind like we did and still do has been the windiest day i have seen in a while..i went this morning and thought i was going to be blown all the way across it was terrible..

it is supposed to bring in rain tonight..and i do believe it..i went to therapy this morning early this time ..i was so tired..i couldnt hardly keep awake..but i found out i will be getting into the hose next week..yea! i can do next friday i will be in compression hose and not having to wear these wraps again...go me! i did get used to these things, but i tellya driving in them is a real chore..but i have nade it thru and iam so i have to learn how to put the hose on..thats a chore too..

we did our usual thing going to wendys..i dont know when i am ever going to get to make food for my family..i guess when i can afford to go to the store and get it..maybe soon..iam starting a job on saturday and iam so excited..iam helping my uncle with his snocones..going to be something to try and stay away from those..i tried last year and it backfired on me..i do hope i have more wilpower this summer..
well it has been a fun day.when we came home i walked and my cat walked was so cool..he is so loyal..he walks with me side by side..and when i stop he stops..its something to see..he is so supportive and doesnt even know it..

i went to my first ladies prayer meeting at church tonight..i know i should have been going all along..but at least iam going now..of course i am working evenings now so its going to be hard to keep going..but i really enjoyed it..i knew some of the women from along time ago, but there were new faces i had never met before and had only shook hands with, so it was nice to get to know these women..but oh the snacks they had..i had 400 calories left for tonight..cause i knew i was going so i thought that might be no wasnt..they had brownies and cookies and ice cream and crousaints..and different kinds of pasta a whole line of was good..i think i did okay..i sure hope i did..the brownies are just too much for me lately..i have seen brownies twice now at church..i had a brownie and a crousaint and some chicken salad with it..and one more i dont know..i may have had more than what i am used too..but i didnt go back and get anything else..

iam so tired tonight but i know with this wind and this storm i will probably be awake..when i walked that mile it just blew me all around this park..this wind is like the wind in winnie the pooh..its just a blustery day..hopefully tomorrow wont be as blustery as today..

have a good night everyone..


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  3. You got out there and walked in the wind which is just awesome...I'm being just too darned excuse prone when it comes to the weather lately. I didn't go for a run because of the wind, but I sure as heck could have walked. But since I'm a big baby sometimes, I pouted instead of getting some form of exercise. are one determined lady.