Monday, April 12, 2010

what a difference a day makes..!

these pictures of me tonight getting ready to go walk..and this is what my legs look like now..

today has been so totally different than yesterday was..our moods and our whole outlook on everything changed in one day..overnight, we all became the smiling and happy family we was before..i dont know what happened to everyone over the weekend, but we are all back to normal now..that feels nice..i like that feeling when everything is going good..

and this being a would think it would be a long awful day..i kept hearing everyone today say this is monday all day! ..yep it sure was..and it was a great monday..all day! i got up so early this morning would think i would be tired by now..but i have my second wind right head stopped hurting and were all doing well..i had to go to leg therapy today and get my legs iam in 2 castes and boy is it hard to do anything..i wasnt sure i could even drive with these things on..they are hard as rocks and they go all the way up to the knee..i guess they have to be this way..they are compression wraps so they are there to get the fluid out of the legs..but wow both at the same time..well we got it done and then we discovered i couldnt put my shoes i had to drive home in my socks..hehe actually the socks do better than the castes shoes i have on now..

but i am really having a hard time walking in them, and just trying to get my balance is really hard to do..but i have 3 weeks to do this so i had better get used to it..i will see in the morning how much fluid i lose in the beginning..that will be therapists told me i would lose alot weight with the fluid coming im shooting for 20 pounds..hehe wouldnt that be nice..

well i surprised myself tonight..i went out and walked a mile in these shoes..hehe joke ..but i did..i walked a whole mile in took me twice as long to get around here but i did hopefully i will get better at it before long..

this has been a very productive day..i am very glad i got up this morning and went to i have to do it all over again tomorrow..maybe tomorrow will be an even better calories dont ever seem to be a problem anymore..and my walking has become habit i know i am on my way to a brighter future..

hope you all have a good night..


  1. THAT'S what you meant. I hope it works really well for you.
    and wow on walking a mile in those things...I don't think I could.
    I am glad you feel better. And your whole family too...anniversaries like that can be hard to get through...Glad you are seeing the sun on the other side.

  2. thanks ..yes this was so hard too took me twice as long to get around here..

  3. you have the most impish grin in the full body shot... I bet you and Sean used to get into a whole mess of trouble when you were little. That wrapping is interesting... I know I like compression wear when I workout...wonder if that helps me with my water retention? I know swimming is... the water pressure acts as a diuretic and pushes your excess fluid to your bladder.

  4. Well Done You, going for a walk, it would have been so easy to say "I can't do this", it must be the Anderson True Grit!!

    God Bless You!

  5. Wow! Go youuu!! When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

  6. Oh Kelli,

    Bless you sis! It is tough, but crucial...Stay with the therapy---and know that your continued commitment to yourself on this journey will dramatically improve your leg situation. It will get so much better for you as the weight drops.
    I'm so glad you're feeling better. I applaud your courage in posting the pictures...When I was at my heaviest---and my right leg was swollen so badly---I would do everything in my power to conceal it---in fact, the only person allowed to see it was Irene. So kelli---you're wonderful---and you're helping others have hope who are going through the same thing.

    There is hope Kelli---look at me, and know that you're right behind me---It's going to be such a blessing to watch you shrink---and watch you grow emotionally and psychologically.

    I love you sis,

  7. with that mile in those casts - you BLEW my post ankle injury successes out of the water! WAY TO GO!!!

  8. Wow...I'm going to start getting awfully redundant letting you know how strong and convicted you are about getting are a force of nature! Wait...that may not sound as good...I'll work on some more analogies for your future are doing great!