Thursday, April 8, 2010

i focused and lost 4 pounds..whoohoo

well the picture in the red was taken on christmas day..before i started anything, and the other picture is today..a slight difference..its happening..

well, today has certainly been a good day..i got up this morning feeling good..of course that certain guest is still here, but i told her i was going to feel great and she just better like it..iam getting so focused these days on my walking that i dont even want to stop sometimes..i used to get that way ..i would get obsessed and just have to do it until my focus was gone and then i would lose it all ..the focus not the pounds..hehe and then it would be hard to get it again..

but i feel it this time..i feel like this is going to lose it and im going to keep it going to see someone totally different looking next year in the mirror..that will be fun..this was such a pretty day, that we couldnt just stay in and not my sister walked this morning and i walked when we came back and then she walked again..and then i walked we both did 3 miles a was great..i cant believe iam up to 3 miles now..last summer i couldnt even walk a mile without the walker, and now iam walking without anything and not even getting tired..i could probably do 4 miles a day without getting tired, but iam going to do that next week..

i wanted to thank you all for giving me such good suggestions about what i need to do and whether i need to even worry about it..i think right now when i can afford it i will buy a heart rate monitor and maybe for my birthday i will get a bodybugg..i thought that was cool..i really would like birthday is in june so not too long..well like i said earlier, i made that guest behave..i have learned that i can control my own attitude even when my hormones flare up..i can choose to be happy and have a good day..just because iam not feeling well doesnt have to mean iam going to feel bad everywhere..even in my own i will not do that to myself..i will not choose to be unhappy and sad just because i dont feel good..i feel great, and i have walked both days..and i feel wonderful..

i went and weighed today, this isnt a normal weigh day for me..actually i dont have a weigh day right now, but i wanted to see what it is even in the middle of the you know i took about 5 pounds off for that and it came out i had lost 4 off the plateau iam so happy..iam 6 pounds from my first record..i havent been 300 since i was like 30..i cant wait..i really cant..

well iam just rolling along here..just being me and having a great time losing this weight..i hope you all are please dont think iam vain here..i am just getting excited to see my face here is a picture i took today..
have a good night everyone..


  1. WOWSERS! Excellent for you!

    BTW...I am a long time bodybugg user. It had been key and with me for the most of my success. I've been "off" of it for the last few weeks to test my resolve at portion control and exercise.

    It is a fabulous tool and there are others out there too that are also very effective.

    BUT, I still think you will continue to have great success with your current methods.

    Keep it up girl!

  2. awww thanks kyle...iam believe me iam on my way now..iam going to get that bodybug..i think thats a cool tool..hehe

  3. Congratulations on your loss! It sounds like your hard work is definitely paying off in great ways :) :) :)

  4. Your looking awesome!! Nice loss :)

  5. GREAT JOB!!!
    You own this.
    Keep it up.