Monday, April 19, 2010

a very positive day..

these images are from the okc.bombing and now the memorial site..

today was so much better than the weekend had been..this morning my mom and i both went early to my therapy and she got to watch the therapists do my leg..she was still just in awe as how to do this and how do you walk like that she asked..its not easy i say..and its not..but i am getting better..
i went and walked this evening when we got back from iam going to tell you all what i eat and you tell me if its okay..i know i probably should change the burger but its the cheapest for me right now..i eat for breakfast a cup of cereal ..honey nut cheerios..and very little milk..then in the afternoon i eat i get the jr.double cheeseburger i was getting the side salad instead of the fries but i have been just counting the calories and its only 630 when you have the i always count it in..then i always have a small diet drink..and we usually end up going thru the drive thru of braums and get a small cone..just 220 calories and of course breakfast is 150 calories so i have something small in the evening if i have enough calories and never drink reg.pop now..i used to drink so much reg.pop that i would put on a pound a day just in pop..i now just drink dt.pop and i am trying to get used to water again..

i had a good walk today..i walked a mile this evening without the walker..and that was a hard thing to do because my legs are just not balanced yet..but i did good..and i came back felt like i had 10 pounds of weights on my legs..not a fun mom and i had a good was us most of the day together and we enjoyed watching television and sleeping some..hehe

my therapists thinks that i will be in compression hose in two iam excited about that..but wow they are expensive..i hope they will do the getting so tired of these legs not looking normal..i was talking to my friend tonight about things i could learn how to not a cook, but i would love to learn and i intend too..i just dont know what to fix anymore for my family and what to learn thats not expensive to buy..but i will learn it and become a cook one day..

this was the day of the okc.bombing and he killed 168 people babies as well..its been a somber day all day for everyone..even if its a good day for us individually, its been a sad day thinking of all the people who died because of 2 men who were sick in the head..15 years ago came and went..i remember on that day that minute i was picking my sister up at her house and i was turning on her tv to regis and kathy lee and all of a sudden i felt felt like an earthquake and all of a sudden the tv went to the was something i wont ever forget..

well this has been a very good day..and i am looking forward to another great day..
have a good night..


  1. Hey girl...just caught up on your last several posts. I remember the OK bombing, too. I was too overwhelmed to watch anything about it on the news as soon as I heard about it, so I avoided the news altogether. However, I turned a corner and ran slap into a newspaper box and the headline said, "A Blow To Our Hearts". Good Lord I fell apart right there, and I was on my way up the elevator to work!!!! That was a terrible, terrible thing.

    About learning to most definitely should do that, like RIGHT NOW. lol I'm serious....going to Wendy's every day may be cheap financially, but you are really paying for it with your health. I'm telling you this because I care Kelli. You are ingesting so much sodium every day, every week, and that can NOT be good for your legs...your heart...your blood affects so much.

    Cooking at home can be inexpensive too, once you learn how to grocery shop correctly. Do you have a Farmer's Market nearby where you can get fresh fruits and veggies? The prices are a lot cheaper than the grocery store. If not, buy the veggies that are on sale and make recipes with those, or simply steam, boil, roast or grill them and have them as side dishes with some type of meat if you want.

    I'll do anything I can to help you and advise you on getting out of the fast food restaurants and cooking healthy meals for your family at home. You're more than welcome to email me if you want some tips!! :)

  2. thanks tammy..i need the not a just trying to learn..but thank you i will..

  3. Kelli, Tammy is so right about the sodium content in fast food meals. Even if you're watching the calories, the sodium is enough to cause serious harm to your body.

    If you let me know what kinds of foods you & your family enjoy eating, I would be happy to share some easy (and inexpensive) recipes with you. :-)

  4. thank you..i will contact you too..maybe i will become a cook..hehe

  5. learn how roast chicken...tasty and easy..
    here's how:
    get you a chicken lol.
    get the innards out.
    wash it inside and out.
    peel an onion and stick it in the chicken.
    rub a tablespoon of oil (or two) on the skin
    put season all on the skin
    roast it at 350 degrees for 20 minutes per pound..
    so 5pound chicken 100 minutes...1 hr. 40 minutes.
    It's good for soup, for sandwiches etc and it's cheap.
    Hugs to are doing so good. good on you for getting the side salad...I know you are following sean's ideas. It's an evolving course. Give it time.
    You will do it.
    I remember the oklahoma city bombing..
    couldn't believe that b*st*rd killed kids.
    I was sad, but I am a fighter by nature and I just wanted to kick the crap out of him.

  6. Kelli,

    Don't worry about the choices so much right now. Just keep counting calories---be consistent with your budget---cooking is good, and you'll get there, but I highly recommend right now---to just concentrate on keeping the calories in check and doing what you can in the exercise department. Remember---Keep it simple!!! You can get fancy later as you develop naturally along this road.
    Our habits and the foods we enjoy have to be changed naturally and gradually---at least that's my experience. If you try to do a bunch of unnatural things---it just complicates the process.
    Your choices will get better and better Kelli, trust that.

    "Good Choices" right now means staying within the calorie budget and exercising.

    As you lose weight---your definition of "good choices" will change, evolve---again, naturally.

    This is the philosophy that's done it for me.

    Love you sis

  7. But hey, Sean, you already knew how to cook.

    Sean is right, Kelli, about keeping it simple. But you can slowly and simply take your time, and learn to cook leisurely without putting pressure on yourself. Take your time, have fun, make it a hobby.

    This will work.. I know cuz I did it that way, re-learning how to cook everything into healthier versions for the way I wanted. It was fun, not pressured.

    Oh, and when you are done eating Chris's chicken, don't throw out those bones!! Pop them into the crockpot, just cover with some water, and simmer all night.... and you have chicken broth starter for chickie soup. There are tons of free recipes online.

    If I'm not ready for another batch, I put the bones in a bag and pop them in the freezer. When I get two or three chickie bones, I start up a big batch of broth for the best soup in town. :-) So easy in the crockpot. And simple.