Tuesday, April 20, 2010

a good evening to finish a good day!

this is my favorite christmas decoration in town..isnt it cool!

i got up today feeling good..tired but good..this is one of those long days but it always feels good to get up and get the day started..i wish sometimes that i was a morning person, then i would feel like getting up when the sun came up and get some awesome pictures..i love taking pictures of the sunsets and the sunrises when i wake up in time for it..i have alot of sunsets..im a night owl but im learning to go to bed earlier ..im finding out if i dont i will feel lousy when i get up early..of course i knew this but now iam feeling it..hehe

i had to get up and when i woke up i should have stayed awake..i ended up falling asleep and almost missed my appointment to be wrapped..oh no that would be awful and it would too..so i ran out of the house without my makeup on..oh how awful i had no makeup on..i never leave the house without my makeup ..unless iam sick and deathly sick at that..hehe but i thought well these are women and they know im not always going to look descent ..so i would rather show my real face then be late..i got there on time..couldnt believe it..i had woke back up at 943 and i was there at 1003..i made it..i was sure glad..it would have been awful to have to keep these things on again today..

i was taken in right away and we went to work on them..they are both getting better and iam getting back to the way i was last week at the end of the week..so i will look normal soon..and hopefully be in a compression hose in a couple of weeks..they are both doing good tonight..i must be losing a bunch of fluid today,because i have been in the restroom all day long..its like i have a water pill..

we did go ahead and go to wendys again today..but i changed it around for me..i got two grilled chicken go wraps like i was getting for awhile..its just its a little more expensive for me when i do that but its better..calorie wise its lower in calories but it does have alot of sodium..iam looking at the sodium now and noticing how much is in everything..and i wanted to thank you all for wanting to help me do this, im sure i will be emailing you all about this, and if you want to friend me on facebook , you can im under kelli anderson..but then when we came home this evening i had another piece of grilled chicken with a sliced cheese melted on it and it was good..another 290 calories with a slice of bread..so altogether today i have had 1300 calories ..i had a small ice cream cone and i really need to start limiting that..but i count it..

i dont go over my 1300 and it works..i havent weighed lately because of these legs..i know i have put back some fluid over the weekend so i dont want to see it..hehe but i keep walking even in these..and its hard..its a 10 pound weight on these legs ..and it feels like it believe me..im doing better not drinking so much pop..im drinking alot of crystal light and i love it..we have the pink lemonade and it is good..well this has been a nice day and turned into a nice evening..and i know tomorrow will be too..i am trying so hard to be positive all the time..

i know this is not a race..its the rest of my life and i just have to live it and do what i have to do..if i dont well only God knows that..
have a good night everyone..


  1. Well...the great thing is that you are keeping to your good choices until your legs get better...it would be easy to let it all go and rationalize to just start up again later. That would be the disaster...and you are making the better choice instead.

  2. I second what Kyle said, good for you for sticking with the good choices even when times are tougher! You're doing so well!