Saturday, April 17, 2010

a very rainy day..i wish it would go away..

these are just some pics i took last school..i like black and white was at wendys with our fav..manager for wendys..and my moms cousin who is the same age she is..we always enjoy visiting with her..the others are my family and me last year at school..

this has been a very cloudy and rainy day..a day where i almost let it affect my has been a lazy mom and brother and i slept most of the afternoon, and then didnt do much after that..we went and had a coke just to get out for the day..i had a double dip ice cream cone and it was good..i hadnt had a double dip for a long time, and i wont have another one for a long time again..normally i dont eat more than a single dip but i had plenty of calories and today i wanted it..i didnt need it but i wanted it..

we sat there and watched all the people eating french fries and cheeseburgers and banana splits..and all i kept thinking was wow the calories and the grease..thats alot..if people would only realize what they are really eating, they may not eat it all..

i sure dont like rainy days..i know we need the rain..but it just doesnt make me happens everytime it rains i seem to be gloomy..i want to walk and i cant because of the weather..and this rain is supposed to last til monday..yuk..

i guess tomorrow i will walk the ramp and do some strength exercises for my arms and waist..its hard to do anything with these castes on my legs..i just have to keep trying harder..we came home and i fixed our food..we had mashed potatoes and mac and cheese and sweet potatoes..i know alot of starch..iam trying to fix my mom soft foods she can eat..and my brother loves mac and we had a good dinner..i estimated it at 500..i still had that many calories left and i reached 1300 by the time i finished eating..

thank you all for all the nice comments i received last friend was just giving me his impression and i appreciate his honesty..i just have things i need to work on..i also appreciate all of you who enjoy my pictures and here is not what he was talking about..he thought i took too many pictures of myself and thought i was becoming too conceited..but i really am not..well i actually wrapped myself today..i was so excited to be able to do this brother was wiling to help if i needed it and i did need his help for a minute but i got it myself..whoohoo! i hope i dont have to do this forever though..and to answer any questions about is something that i may not have once i get all the weight wont be as bad anyway..sean had it too and now he is fine..

well this is another weekend and im ready to get to walking again..i hope i get too all have a wonderful sunday..


  1. After they drained all the fluid off my legs, they fitted me for compression stockings.. to KEEP the fluid off, and I never needed the wrapping again. :-)
    You can ask them..

  2. I hope as you lose the weight, it lessens the fluid retention.
    I know what you mean about the food and cals. I don't think people really have any clue HOW MUCH they are eating wehn the are eating that crap.
    I like your whole 'no food off limist idea.
    I am trying to be a wee bit more like that.
    learning to cope with all kinds of foods.
    Have a great night. And you aren't conceited.

  3. Good day Kelli. We're having a good time up here with mom---and she misses you guys.

    Just keep losing Kelli---and that swelling will improve, right along with your weight!

    Love you sis!

  4. I think its good to have a slow day every now and then. I had one yesterday and I HOPE I don't have another one today since the weather is nice enough for me to get out for a run even though I have a residual blister from Friday's 11+ miles hike...ouch.

  5. Kelli,
    You are doing amazing! You have come a very long ways already ... with your weight, with your habits, with your thinking. I am absolutely sure that you WILL reach your goal. You are doing everything right in order to get there so NOT reaching your goal is impossible for you! It is obvious that the changes you are making in your life are permanent and they will ensure that you really will make your dreams come true. So excited about how great you're doing!