Wednesday, April 21, 2010

an awesome surprise!

well today was a very good day..and a picture day for me..i took lots of pictures today and alot of them were nature pics..i went to my therapy this morning and got my legs done ..we took them off and they were going down still not quite where i was last thursday but close..

we were going to wendys of course...this afternoon when my cousin called me while we were waiting for my sister ..she called and wanted to know where we would be later my cousin lives in missouri so we didnt know she was in town..this was a big surprise and a nice one for my we got to wendys and she had gotten there right before we did..this was cool..and before we left something kept telling me today to take my camera..i hadnt been all week and this time i im glad i listened..

as we walked in my cousin walked behind us and came over and really surprised my mom..she had just talked to her on the phone and thought she was in shock was her expression..of course we dont want to surprise her too much..but she was pleasantly we took a few pictures and we sat down to visit and then my other cousin came in to visit too..she lives in town but we never get to go see them much anymore with mom just not wanting to do we took some more pics..we are a picture taking family..hehe but we have fun..

so we all had a nice visit and they both went on their ways to other towns..and we went on our way to go home..we went past the campus pond and saw the ducks and then we headed out to the lake to see some more ducks and geese..i saw some ducks walking around on the grass instead of swimming in the water..they looked i took more picss..

then we went home..we had quite and afternoon and was very tired when we got back..i rested some because of my having the toughest time driving because my leg is in so much pain going down on the peddle and then the just hurts to do it like when we rested a bit ..i went out and walked my mile ..and i was pushing myself with my mile was just the hardest thing..but i did it..and as i was walking i saw some horses and watched our cats walking is so funny to see them walk with girl cat sophie she was jogging in front of me and then she was ahead and had to stop to wait for me and so she would look back at me and then if i caught up to her she would go ahead was funny..

but it has been a really awesome day..i know my mom has enjoyed it and thats what counts..i curled my hair tonight to just see it curly..hehe i wanted to take a good picture of me with my hair here it is..hehe so this has been my night..i have gotten to 1300 calories and im not the least bit hungry and i walked my mile im doing good...i feel good and i know i am doing something good for me..

so now onto the next day to make more good choices..
hope you all do too..


  1. I don't recall a day in your blog history when you've made a bad choice or haven't done your absolute are driven and are going to succeed at your goals, I'm certain.

  2. thank you kyle..hey where do you get your slideshow for your pics..? im trying and cant get it..

  3. nice day kelli.
    I like your hair curled. I am glad your legs are going down.
    Keep up the good work
    (I am a cat person too)

  4. awww trying to post the photos in a come back and

  5. I liked the picture where you were walking and your shades were dark, you looked so pleased.

  6. Great day! i hope you gave Debbie a hug for me!

    Love you sis,

  7. What a nice surprise with your cousin visiting! Glad to hear your legs are going down. Good job staying within your calories and getting that walk in! :)

  8. Great pictures!! I like your hair too! Sounds like a great surprise to have family visiting.

  9. Good job on getting out there for a mile walk :) Nice that you had great family time!

  10. I love the slideshow! Your hair is lovely curled or straight (as in the morning photo). I especially like your feathered bangs.

    Glad you are still walking. I need to do more of that myself. The photo of Sophie jogging made me smile. She looks quite serious about getting her exercise!