Friday, April 23, 2010

another interesting day..

these pictures are of me when i was little and actually small..hehe
i was 3 in one and 7 in the other one sean was 4 on his bike..hehe

well this has been an interesting day..not alot different but it was still interesting..i go to therapy every morning and i have been seeing older people going to workout..this is so cool to me..but it is so funny too because they are dressed in workout pants with the stripe down the middle..and they are like 75 years old..i am only hoping i live so long...hehe

i got up this morning late enough to where i couldnt have any cereal til i got back and so when i got back i got into the cereal..i was starving by legs are going down slower than we wanted them too..i may be doing this for 3 more weeks til the hose..but i guess thats okay as long as we get them down..i cant afford the custom made ones..they are like 900.00 ! i dont know anyone who can afford those..

thank you all for all the nice comments..i love taking pictures and really this is who iam..if i could be a professional photographer i would be...i think too sometimes i take too many..i am cutting down..but i was so glad i had it with me last night ..

its not everyday my cousin comes to town..but today was good..i had a hard time getting to my 1300 but i made took me all day and night to get there but i got there finally..i walked too today but not as was starting to rain this evening and i had to go make a pottie run too..with these bandages on you live in the bathroom..hehe so i lived in the bathroom today..i hope the fluid is gone tomorrow..but i walked a half mile this evening and then the rain stopped..i had walked in the rain and just as i went stopped..i couldnt believe it..if it hadnt been for going to the restroom i would have done my mile..well tomorrow i will do it before the rain..

i ended up eating peanut butter and jelly sandwich tonight just to get my 1300 in..i used to never like pb and j..but i love it now..of course not too much of dad used to take it in his lunch everynight..that and a bologna sandwich too..everynight...

it hasnt rained started to tonight when i was outside talking to my friend at his we had to cut it short..just then it stopped again..i think someone is telling me something..hehe well this has been a good day and i think it will be a good day again..but i guess i better go to bed so i can get some sleep to start it again..hehe


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  1. I have seen some "older" folks out on some pretty strenuous is very inspirational for me as I hope to be as active as I am for awhile to come. Of course, when I see them coming back from where I'm going and I'm feeling worn out and they look fresh as daisies, it really makes me wonder how good a shape I really am in!