Sunday, April 4, 2010

easter weekend..

Well this has been quite a weekend..hope you all had a very nice Easter..we enjoyed it..i have had a good weekend all weekend..i was very proud of myself tonight..i have stayed on my calorie budget without really trying has been very easy and i am just focusing as if i had done this forever..and i wish i had..even tonight, i am still trying to get to 1300 calories..and i know i will get there but sometimes it is a chore..i have to eat peanut butter or something i know is high in calories..isnt that something when we have to look for food to eat instead of not eating..hehe we went shopping over the weekend and let mom shop for her birthday..she had some money and we shopped...that was fun..i ended up buying a pedometer and it even shows how many calories i have burned while walking..its pretty neat..iam using the weights too and i like got her a blouse and makeup and of course my sister and i did has been a good weekend all the way around..

i didnt blog last night just simply because i was too tired when i got in..i went and had a coke with a friend of mine and we were out till late i went straight to bed to be able to get up for church..we had a good sermon today..our pastor was trying to make his point in a very funny way and i think it got across to everyone..i am a baptist and this church has been my family church since i was born..i was going to this church as a baby..

i have just really had a good day..and now i am looking forward to another good by day..thats all we can ask for is one more day..sean came down tonight, and this was the first time we have had easter without seeing his girls..but they are certainly growing up and doing their own thing now we are back to the basic family mom and me and my sister and brother and my nephew sean..this was our basic family growing brother and sisters are all older than i am and so sean and i always grew up together since we are 3 years apart..

but all in all it was a good weekend..and the rain let up so maybe the weather will be nice as well..more walking and good choices..i bought some weights too yesterday and i have been wearing them on my wrists ..they are 3 pound weights..and can be either way..but my ankles are too big for now to do weights..boy do they work..i was sweating so much walking the last two ..they really do work..

well i hope you all have a wonderful monday..and remember good for today..


  1. Kelli,

    I love reading about the changes you are making in your new lifestyle.. it's wonderful!!!

    What you are feeling on the inside is also shining through on the outside! Great pics!

    BTW, who's the hunk in the yellow shirt???

    I wish you yet another great day!

    Diet Buddy Girl

  2. know my nephew sean..hehe he is pretty good looking these days..but I always thought he was good looking..and thank you..iam feeling good ..loveya kelli

  3. You two, stop it! ;) Kelli, great job! Having some peanut butter on stand-by for a healthy calorie boost isn't a bad idea, just be careful! Another good and healthy calorie booster: Almonds and walnuts...and they're good for you! The walnuts will even help boost your good cholesterol!
    Keep up the great job, you and my mom are doing fantastic!!!
    Yes---it was very strange not having the girls around for Easter...I didn't like that at all.

    Love you sis,

  4. Kelli you're doing great!! I'm so impressed with you journey to health.