Saturday, April 24, 2010

i made 2 miles in these shoes..

okay here iam with crazy hair caused by the rain..and the other picture is me and mark lowry at a gaither concert in 2006..i love the gaithers..

well today i started out the day like last night, but i thought man you have got to get out of this ..its not helping you, your not doing what God wants you to do by being depressed for something you dont have..i started watching the 48 hour mysteries and as much as i love that show, i didnt need to keep watching was only making me more i got up and turned it off and went was so and windy and the clouds were all over the started sprinkling and i thought okay i can do this before it rains..sprinkles are i kept going..i had got almost a mile and in my last lap, some cloud came over me and poured down on me while i was in the middle of the walk..i had to keep going to get home..

so i went in drenched and i was sure glad i got in when i did..when i got on our ramp the rain got even harder..i couldnt believe it..and in a few minutes it ended..and didnt rain anymore just had to rain on me..hehe but i felt good outside and it made me feel so much better doing something ..

we went and had our meal and came back home..i made it to 1300 calories and didnt go over and i feel great..i hope i end up losing weight here getting tired of being around the same weight..but all i can do is up the when we came home i went out and walked again..i thought well i need to try and make 2 miles i went back outside and i saw seven geese flying overhead and was wishing i had my camera with was so cool..and the sunset was so neat looking..such fluffy clouds and so different looking tonight..

i made the 2 miles and i wasnt even tired..i feel so does so much for the attitude that its amazing..i kept thinking i need to just let things go and wait for God to work things out..and then i turned on the tv and there was a preacher i like to hear and he said the same thing..i need to wait on God and be okay i think He is letting me know something i will and be patient..

i feel so much better than i did last night and i know i will keep going with this til i get it off and keep it off..its just me now..its what i do..thank you for the nice comments and advise last night..i am so grateful for all the friends on here..its so nice to have such support..i hope you all have a wonderful sunday..

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  1. Hi kelli.
    Your walk sounds nice...I love the favorite song is "I then shall live'
    I watch it on youtube all the time. It's one of the best examples of how a Christian should live, that I have ever heard.
    It's cool that you got to see them.
    who was the preacher...It sounds like something Charles stanley would say.
    Hugs to you and good job on the walk. I love sunsets when the light filters through the clouds and turns every thing golden.