Saturday, April 3, 2010

what a nice day!

okay this is me hair is blonde just strawberry blonde..

this was a good friday, and just in a general sense..i woke up this morning to a awful thunderstorm and it just about scared me to pieces..we must have had 60 or 70 mile hour winds along with didnt do any damage to our area but it did alot to other areas in oklahoma..almost like a tornado..well we had been warned we could possibly have a tornado today..but by noon it was so nice and sunny couldnt even tell that we had a storm to begin with..

i was so glad..i really didnt want to drive around in it..and this was bill paying day..always a fun day when you get to let go of all your money..hehe but i did manage to hold back enough to get me a hair color for my hair tonight..something i had been putting off for a long time and had let it go til all my natural hair was coming back in..not what i was wanting..i do not want my gray to start showing again..iam only 41..

so my sister and i went to walmart this evening and we both bought a hair color..she has never done this before so it was a big surprise when she wanted to buy it..but iam glad she wanted to try something ..cause its not hard and this will cover what gray she has..she doesnt have much but none of us likes our gray except our mom and our uncle..they have the prettiest gray hair i have ever seen..i got my dads gray..not my choice..hehe

my sister made sure she walked her 2 miles today..and did a very good job..i have been having such a hard time with my knees that i rested today and will do more knee is still giving out on me all the time and i cant get any more shots for it for a while..well we watched jimmy stewart tonight and really enjoyed that..we usually watch john wayne but we had the far country so we watched was a really good western..

i did my hair while we were watching it and then i did my sisters hair was fun.we hadnt done pics yet but will tomorrow to post on here..i just got thru talking to a good friend of mine who reads my blog every night and i do so appreciate her and everyone else who takes the time to read about is so cool to see the numbers of people who have read my blog everyday..i did well today and actually saw candy bars and doughnuts at walmart and didnt even phase me..we just went right past we dont even want candy brother even offered me a fun size candy bar today and i passed on it..its so cool to be in control of what i put in my feels nice..its something i know i can do from now on..i dont even crave it now..

i dont think of drinking reg.pop or eating candy..which i used to not so long ago get a big box of hot tomales and eat the whole box just watching television..600 calories of was awful ..i dont even look at it now..
well this has been a good day and a good night..and now iam going to go to bed and start again tomorrow..another day to be in control..what a cool thing..
i hope you all have a very blessed easter and make the good choices..


  1. Coloring my hair always gives me a boost :)
    You are having a great weekend!

  2. is wonderful to have your power say no because you want to, not because you are being forced to. Thanks for my award...I'll try and get a post on it soon!

  3. The color looks great! Can't wait to see you two on Easter Sunday!
    Yes, this's a wonderful thing Kelli! You're staying focused and being consistent---and that's what will get you there!
    Don't worry about taking a break's not a bad idea at all to have an occasional exercise rest day. I sincerely hope your knees start feeling better. I know they will as you lose weight...and I understand it must be very hard right now on them...But you just keep doing what you can---little by little, it gets easier and me---You know, I know!

    Love you sis,

  4. Trip OUT!!!!! I dyed my hair last night also because of a pic I posted recently in my blog. I turn 42 next week.

    I have bad knees and find that core work on my abdominal, obliques, hip flexors and back help me support myself in a better way for my knees. I do crunches start small, then bicycle crunches, then I lay on my back and lift my legs 10 inches off the ground straight legs and hold for as long as I can or write the alphabet with my feet, then I lay on my stomach and slowly lift legs arms my head and then my torso and hold for as long as I can two or three times and look silly like superman. These things help with my alignment shoulders over hips etc... And you do not have to stand to do these exercises.

    Have a happy Easter!

  5. I love getting my hair done too- makes me feel like a woman again. :) Have a great weekend girl!

  6. Your color looks lovely!!! I'm hosting a challenge over on my blog...let me know if you'd like to join in!!! Have a happy and blessed Easter...thank goodness the Lord rolled away the stone! :)