Sunday, April 25, 2010

what a fun sunday..

and this is minidog ..isnt she cute..she is our neighbors little dog and she watches me walk around the park..she is getting ready to move soon and iam going to miss her..

and here are 2 of the cars..actually this is the plane that won..

this is me and my friends heather and pam..

this is my brother watching the races..

this is the little girl..isnt she cute!
well this was family fun day at church this we went and my brother and i went to the was really cool..we had a nice meal prepared by the church people and that is quite the responsibility..there must have been a couple of hundred people who stayed afterward and ate and watched the car races..that was the big thing..the different sunday schools had each built a car for the race..kinda like the was neat brothers car was a john deer tractor..go figure ..its oklahoma..hehe

i had not went to the activities before because my mom always wants to go home, and we have to stay with her..but today i went ahead and went with my brother and my sister stayed with our mom, we were only gone for an it wasnt long..but it was fun.and it gave me a chance to meet some of the people who go to this see i went to this church as a child and was actually raised in this church..but as i got older and turned 18, i wanted to pick my own church to attend and thats what i did..i went to a non-denominational church and was there for 12 years..serving in the choir and as a deacon and the music ministry as for some reason i stopped going and when i started back it was over here with my family..
we have been going now for a few years and it is a nice church to go to..i am just now getting to know some of the people whom i didnt know back then..

so this was a day to have fun and it is just what i did..i took pictures of the races and of the people watching the races..this one little girl was smiling at me til she saw the camera and then put her head down as i took the picture..they all seem to know i am coming..hehe
the one thing i wasnt too sure about, and i feel bad about is i got 2 brownies which were bite size..i gave half to my brother and so it wasnt too bad..but i didnt eat alot..just now iam starting to actually feel bad if i eat something that i know is chocolate or a brownie and cookies..i mean if i know it is something with a bad amount of calories i start to feel guilty..i ate like two bites of pork and beans and 2 bites of pasta salad and a hamburger and hot dog piece..just the patties..and i hadnt had but 180 calories at that time so i watched it the rest of the day..i made sure i walked today too..i did a mile and would have done more but my legs were hurting from these wraps..

i did 2 miles i am pleased with the walking..iam doing it..not giving up on that..even in these things...and believe me its hard..i know next year at this time i will be a whole lot slimmer just by being consistent. i am thinking of doing the heart walk next year for the heart is 3.2 miles in 70 minutes around boomer lake..i think i can do it by next year..that will be fun..even if iam just walking it will be fun..well i am so ready to get these wraps off..i havent had them off all weekend which is good..but they have itched and itched all weekend much so they tomorrow they come off for a few minutes..hehe

well tonight i watched the tv land awards and that was pretty cool..seeing betty white in her 80's and still going as strong as she is so awesome..she doesnt look 86..i guess i better get off here and get ready to go to bed soon..
have a good night and an awesome monday..


  1. Doesn't sound like you have anything to feel guilty had little portions of relatively whole foods...and you are out there walking. You are out there doing it...many are doing much less and are paying the ultimate price with their health and lives.

    You only need to worry when you stop doing what you are doing.

  2. thank you..i just started this guilt trip thing about the desserts..i just dont want to go over the calories..

  3. YOu are thinking about what you are putting in your body, and that is half the battle right there...staying mindful.
    Great job.
    And extra extra great job on getting out there and meeting new people. Yeah for living.

    And you are right.
    in one year,the difference in your weight will be amazing.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Nothing is off limits Kelli. The only reason you should ever feel the slightest bad, was if you over did it on the brownies. If you had 800 calories worth of brownies---then ok, feel bad. But it sounds like you enjoyed a responsible portion of one of your favorites. That's not cheating Kelli--that's just living.
    Your 100% self honesty will tell you if you're over doing it.
    You're doing fantastic Kelli. I know you'll be in that heart walk---and By then---I bet you do it in well under an hour!!! You just wait and see!!

    I'm very proud of you Kelli---Keep up the great work!

    Love you sis,

  5. Hey girl!!! Just caught up on your last couple of posts. I suffer with depression sometimes too, so I understand. Just know that you are absolutely doing the RIGHT thing by getting the weight off and improving your health. Every thing after that will fall into place as it should. There are wonderful life experiences waiting for you girl!!!

    It sounds like you did pretty good with the food today. Chris was absolutely are now MINDFUL of what you're putting in your mouth, and that is just so important. It shows that you really care about making the right choices and that's just awesome!

    I'm very proud of the effort you put into counting calories and exercising. I absolutely love the honesty in your blog. You're a beautiful person and I'm just so darn excited about seeing where your journey takes you...yes, it will be a whole new life! :)