Monday, April 19, 2010

well another weekend ended...

this was me sometime last was another celebration probably a birthday..and this is how i have felt all day today..

well another rainy day has come and gone..and i didnt get to go walk..i didnt get to do anything as far as exercise with these legs i have..i think i wrapped them wrong yesterday and the fluid starting going places it shouldnt became very was hard for me to even walk right to be truthful i havent had them wrapped all evening..i didnt want to wrap them wrong again..

it is supposed to stop raining tomorrow and boy i hope it does..but i never like the sun either..hehe i guess when it comes to the weather iam just a spring and fall person..dont like it cold and dont like it hot..we didnt go anywhere legs were hurting and i didnt feel like getting out in this we were home all day and i ended up making dinner again..we had some that were left over from last night, but i made fresh mashed potatoes for my mom and whoever else was going to eat them..i did so well today..used to when i made mashed potatoes and mac and cheese, i would go back for seconds if i made enough..not tonight..i had eat my calories and that was it..i was done and nothing was going to be good enough to go back and ruin my calories ..i was surprised and pleased..

we had peas and cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes and mac and it was a good dinner..mine came to around 600 calories and i had 400 still as i was watching the country awards tonight i popped a bag of popcorn and ate came to about the amount i needed to get to 1300 ..i think i still had 75 to go was a good night..we had fun watching the awards felt weird with my sister being gone though..she usually watches with us but this weekend she is seeing sean..

well i am going to start another monday and hope it is a good one..i will be getting wrapped tomorrow and the rain will be stopping so it should be a good day..hope your monday is good too..

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  1. Yes...too many days of rain is a real least you are making the best of your situation and controlling your food even if you can't get your walks in. That is a ray of sunshine on a dreary day.