Tuesday, April 6, 2010

the unwanted vistor..

well today i woke up and that visitor that none of us women care for, came to my house..she let herself in and said iam staying for a few days..well i couldnt do anything about it..you know me let anyone come and stay if they need too..she said iam going to make you feel so bad today..iam going to cause you so much pain that you wont know what to do..you certainly wont feel like walking with me around..haha..i said

i told this visitor she had just better be on her best behavior, cause i was walking today anyway..and i was going to feel good whether she liked it or not..she said okay i dare you..bring it on ..just bring it on..and so today..i felt good..i walked this evening and pushed myself to keep walking..and walking..and so the first round i walked a little over a mile and then i went in and said im pooped..but i thought well i have to burn 1000 calories a day to lose 2 pounds a week..and so i thought im not going to lose it just sitting here..so outside i went again..the rain was coming in and the thunder and lightening was already started so i walked the ramp for 45 minutes..i ended up doing 2 3/4 miles tonight..and by my pedometer it said i burned 600 calories all day..im not sure if that is right..i was really sweating today..and boy did i feel good...i made that visitor so mad ..that she wont want to come over again..but i know she will be here next month..hehe..but that has been my day today..

im trying to figure out how to lose more than 2 pounds a week..but if that is it then i will be okay..but let me know if i am doing this right..im walking and burning calories and im only having 1300 calories..im doing this everyday..and im trying to drink my water..but how do you know how many calories you have burned if you dont go by the pedometer ..?

anyway i start another day tomorrow doing it again ..it sure feels good..
have a great night..


  1. Hi Kelli,

    I think this is my first time commenting on your blog... but I've been reading for awhile. My guess is the pedometer doesn't really give you a very accurate respresentation of the calories burned. I use a heart rate monitor, which I've been told is the best way to know for sure. There are also websites - such as caloriesperhour.com - where you choose the activity, tell it your weight & how long you did the activity & it calulates the calories burned for you. These usually are pretty close to what I get on the heart rate monitor.

    Great job getting out there and walking - way to show that visitor who the boss is! :)

  2. to burn more calories????

    safely without injury?

    Cross Train.

    Do more than one type of exercise in small bits through out the day if you can. Maybe some strength training. Build more muscle in your arms and core so that you can burn more calories.

    You are doing awesome!
    I walked intervals in a blustery Oregon day with a few showers here too!

  3. Way to go Kelli!!!! I'm proud of you!!!

  4. If you are eating 1300 calories and weigh say around 280 lbs...you already have a SUBSTANTIAL decrease in cals...around 1500 between what you are eating and maintenance for your current weight...If you burned 600 calories today add that to your deficit, you should loose around three pounds this week..check back and tell me if I am right? that is how I calculate my cals.
    Keep up the good work.

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  6. You are doing great!! Hopefully she'll leave soon :)

  7. If you really want to know exactly how much you've burned and how much you've consumed day in and day out, I suggest you look into getting a "bodybugg". Google it- and read up on it. It may not be for you, but basically you wear it on your arm all day and it keeps track of how much you burn everyday. And then you input how much you eat and viola! You know exactly where you're at at all times.

    Good luck girl! You can do it! So glad you went on that walk, huh. Feels SO good, huh! Love it!