Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a big hug from me to you!

i have had an awesome day..i started out this morning getting up late but made it ..and was looking at my facebook on my phone and saw so many comments from people who are my friends stating how inspiring i am to others and i thought nice to have such great have such support..the support means so much to me..without it i dont know if i would care as much as i do and keep doing this..

i noticed before if i didnt blog and people really didnt know anything about me changing my foods..then i would say well no one is going to care if i get a box of candy for tonight..i used to buy the 1.00 box of hot tomales over at the dollar store..and eat them in my room so no one would know about it..600 extra calories cause i would eat the whole box in one evening..i didnt think anything of you are never gonna catch me eating 600 empty calories way..but i didnt hold myself accountable and i didnt tell people what i was supposed to be i would get off of it in a hurry..

this blogging is so neat..i can put out all my feelings and hold myself accountable and try and support others as everyone is supporting me..and i am so so thankful for all my friends and family who are so supportive on here and fb..and myspace..and my family who is always supporting me in everything..

giving someone positive support is so important to a person..what you say to someone can make or break the persons self esteem..i try and keep a positive outlook on things all the time now..i wasnt always like this..just a few months ago i was a mess but iam so much better and so much stronger for everything i have went through..and my friends and family are a big part of why i am doing better..the biggest part of course is JESUS..HE got me through it but not without the help of my thank you for that..and thank you for this..i am grateful for the positive support that all of you bring to me..

i was just overwhelmed today by all the nice messages i receive about being an iam just trying to get this weight off for real this time..all iam doing now is just sharing my journey..iam glad to being sharing it with everyone..i know we all need positive support and a kind word to get thru the day..its such a small thing but it means alot to just be kind..

i have done well today..i have gotten my 1300 in and i walked my mile tonight in the wind and the night air..but it felt nice..i almost walked a mile and a half but i decided to do that i came in ..and started this..i got some good news today..i can get into the store bought compression hose..anyone who knows about these knows how expensive this stuff is..the store bought is around 80.00 and the custom made is 900.00 and i thought i was going to have to do the custom made which is something i cant do to begin it is a blessing today to find out i can do the store yea!..

i am getting better with the legs, i only have maybe 2 more weeks until i get the hose on..and then i will be walking all over the place..i got my time down tonight too while i was walking..i am now doing the laps in 6 minutes..i want to get each lap down to 5 minutes so i can do 3 miles in 70 minutes..but that might be a few months..i have a year til the heart

well i just wanted to let you all know how much the support means to me and i will always try and be as supportive as i can be too..i love you all



  1. You are doing great...rolling along one day at a time not letting any obstacles stand in your are going to make it!

  2. You are doing so well..and I am not surprised to find you inspiring people.
    You are going to be a ball of fire before long.

  3. Wow, you are awesome! Such an inspiration!

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  5. Hi Kelli....walking a mile is fantastic!! Way to go. You are an inspiration to me and to many of your readers. You are doing very well and I love to come back to your blog often to catch up on your life!

    Margie M. writes at:

  6. The other big thing I have been working on is my eating. Earlier this year as I was training for my marathon I felt it was too crazy a time to try and also work on the weight issue, besides, 22 mile training runs had me eating everything in sight, and being new at long distances my concentration needed to be 100% on my training. So now that some time has gone by and I am not training for anything specific, my next goal is to lose some of those extra pounds. My past experience has lead me to calorie counting and taking charge of meal portion. At 5"2" my ideal weight is around 110-115. I am 138 presently. I lost 35 pounds over the past two years and dramatically changed my body composition through exercise, but I seem to have hit a wall. I have chubby butt and hip syndrome, hard areas to get rid of. I made a choice and joined Weight Watchers. Yikes! When I tell people this I get reactions that are on both ends of the spectrum, from, "That's great, it's a wonderful tool", to, "Why waste your money on that junk?" Actually it's been GREAT. So poo poo to all you naysayers! It's just the online version, but the tools for logging your food intake are marvelous, well conceived and easy to use; you are constantly reminded to be drinking fluids and eating good foods.

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