Monday, April 26, 2010

i had to kick myself out the door i did!

here is the crow and the sunsets and me walking tonight..and my friend mandy who lives around here stopped by to tell me how proud of me she was..isnt that sweet..

well i have had quite a day...the first thing was that my wraps were killing me so bad last night, that at 4am i ended up taking one of them off and scratching it til it bled..not good..but i couldnt help actually didnt have tooo many bleeding marks..but there were a i kept it off til they wrapped it at 1030 this morning..but oh did that feel good to get out of those wraps and let me breathe..

i was so relieved and tonight doesnt even seem to really bother me..i guess its because i was in them for 3 days and tonight is only 1 day and i will rewrap tomorrow..but after i came home it was raining on me and so going out to walk was out for least til tonight..we went to wendy's and had the grilled chicken go wraps which are only 250 a this is good..and then tonight i had one plain hot dog and it finished out my calories for the day..i ended with 1400 calories for today...

i came home and really didnt feel like walking..everyone was sleeping and not talking about walking, so i was like maybe i can go to sleep too and not worry about it tonight...nope..i couldnt..i felt bad by not walking..i literally had to kick myself out the door and say you are going to walk..and i did and i enjoyed it..
i am going to do this heart walk a year from now may 1, is 3.2 miles in 70 minutes around the lake..i havent tried going around the lake yet but i bet i will be when it comes time for thanksgiving..we have started a holiday walk around the lake now instead of sleeping off the food, we are walking off the food..sean thought of this and it is a great idea..i guess this year i will be joining in with them..

anyway, as i was walking i was trying to set my pace and see how fast i can go around the laps by themselves..i can do one lap in 6 minutes and thats in these i know i could be faster in regular tennis shoes..but a year from now i will be 120 pounds thinner too i hope..and that will make a big difference..doing it the way iam doing it..i can do 2 miles in an not too far from that..

i stay focused everyday and it seems like its just natural so glad. it will be nice to see a thin kelli ..i havent seen that person since i was 18 years i guess i will need to introduce myself all over again ..hehe but it will be fun!

we had a very pretty sunset tonight and thats when i went out of course i took my camera with me...and we were at walmart this evening in the car and we saw the biggest crow i have ever seen..and it was just sitting there on top of a car looking at me..probably wondering why i had a camera in the first so here are some of the pictures..

have a good night..


  1. Good job on getting your walk in kelli,
    keep up the good work. HOw long do you have to have your wraps on for?
    Hope they work and you can get them off soon.

  2. i am hoping its just this week and next..but i dont know..i have one leg that is being quite stubborn about the fluid and wont come down very we will see..i know i will feel so much better when i am in the will make a big difference..have a good night..kelli

  3. yay! Good job on your walk! Sometimes you need to push yourself! Your are doing amazing

  4. Good job! are one determined lady.

  5. GREAT job on the calories and walking!! And take care of those legs!!! No more scratching til it bleeds...just try to rub it with your finertips, without using your nails. :)