Monday, April 12, 2010

a day that ended better than it started..

This was a day I really wished had never begun...I couldn't even get out of the chair this morning because of my awful was terrible and was hurting my whole even made it swollen..
So needless to say I didn't go to church..but it finally went away. And iam now feeling better..
I did stay on my calories today and even walked a mile iam doing okay..
In fact I feel guilty if I don't walk..go figure that one out...hehe..iam on my phone internet right
Now doing this because my computer is so slow I'm doing this one fast tonight..

I am getting wrapped in the morning and iam so excited..I will be losing some weight just doing hat..
I hope its a lot..that will be fun to see how much..I better get to day did turn out better
Than it started and iam grateful for onto another week..

God bless you all


  1. What is 'getting wrapped'? I do hope you feel better because that sounded like an awful headache! Good job on getting your walk in. I hope tomorrow starts better than today.

  2. My legs will be wrapped..the lymphadema in the legs has to be wrapped to get the fluid out..

  3. Super deal Kelli. You're getting into that zone, where nothing can get in your way. This is vital...making sure that your weight loss journey runs parallel to your daily emotions and circumstances, and not tangled up in them---it's crucial to your success. And I see you doing that. Glad you're getting the therapy Monday, very good. Getting the fluid out is a good thing Kelli---Keep going---keep doing what you know is right and good---and eventually, all will be better---and perhaps, beyond your wildest dreams.

    Love you sis