Thursday, April 8, 2010

a cold blustery day..what happened to spring?

these are some of my favorite pictures..

i woke up today trying to push myself out of my chair to get up..i had been awake off and on two or three times but was not feeling good with the little house guest around..hehe..but i made it up and got dressed and went to feed the cats and it was cold..winter had come back..oh my how cold it was today..i was so disappointed..i wanted to walk and do my exercises outside..

my sister went ahead and went outside and did her walking ..she ended up walking 2 1/2 miles today in the cold weather..she is going..i did go out but i went out this evening when it was even colder than this huh..but i didnt have time this afternoon..i guess i can always find an excuse to not walk..but i really love walking..just not in the we did our things and came home and i didnt want to go out..i just wanted to lay on my mammas bed..i miss my bed..i sleep in the recliner for my legs and my sleep apnea..i do miss my bed..i miss laying down on it and getting on my stomach ..i dont miss not being able to breathe i guess for awhile i will be in my chair..its just not the same..i keep wondering what i will do if i ever get married..i suppose i would have to sleep in the bed and just make sure i wear the cpap all the time..maybe i will be thin by then..cause believe me i have no intentions of getting married right now..not even any men to choose from...maybe one day..

i did go out and walk the plank as we call it around here..i walked for 40 minutes and didnt really feel the burn today..yesterday i felt it but today it wasnt in me..i came in and was with my mom while my sister went out again ..she is really hooked and iam glad..iam too but today that visitor made me feel bad..

i tried to do exercises in here in my room tonight..i did something that i will never do again..i got into my floor..i dont know how i got into the floor and it was super hard trying to get up..never again..i hurt my legs all over doing this..i wanted to do some situps and i tried but i just couldnt do it right..i hurt my knees getting on the floor though and wont be trying it again..i cant anyway, next monday i get my legs wrapped..iam so glad..i will finally get the fluid out of my legs and actually lose some weight at the same time..wont that be fun..whoohoo!

so tonight my exercising kinda dragged today, but i was good with the calories..i still dont understand much on how to know how many calories i have burned and how much weight i will lose burning so many calories..i mean i eat 1300 to 1400 more than that..will i lose weight just eating that amount..? i would love to lose more than 2 pounds a week..i want to be down to 130 by dec. of 2011 when i graduate with my bachelors..i would absolutely love that..well i better go to bed..i have some more things to do tomorrow..have a good night..


  1. Hi, If you want to know how to find out how many calories it takes to maintain your current weight go here:

    (what I did was calculated my maintenance calories based on my GOAL WEIGHT...SO 5'3 AND SEDENTARY AT 132 POUNDS FOR MY CALORIE LEVEL)

    If you want to find out how many calories you burn doing typical activities and exercises go here:

    YOu just put in your weight and the amount of time and it produces a list of activities and the calories burned for someone of your weight.

    Once you know those two number you can decide how quickly or slowly you want to lose the weight...
    You can go here for a handy dandy calculator that will tell you the needed daily calorie deficit to make your goal....

    There are 3500 calories in one pound of fat.
    Good luck with your goal...
    Keep up the good work, you can do this.

  2. thank you so much..i appreciate this..iam so confused as to how to tell without having something that tells me..hehe

  3. One day and one pound at a'll get there...Just keep doing what you're doing?

    You can get caught up in the numbers all you want. You can stress over a particular date you have in mind for goal. You can impatiently declare that you desire to lose more than 2 pounds a week. You can worry about ailments that may or may not affect you after the weight is gone.

    It's all needless worry.

    Don't sabotage yourself with needless worry and speculation, because it can be very discouraging sometimes.

    Just keep doing what you know is right and good. Keep your calories up between 1300 and 1500 and exercise like you've been doing. Consistency will work in your favor. And in time, all of your questions will be answered.

    See? No need to stress.

    Love you

  4. Goals can be good or bad depending on your own personality. If you want to look a certain way for your graduation I think that is wonderful...just don't let your goal create a barrier to progress. For me, I'm not good with failing at achieving goals. I don't take it well and I tend to sabotage myself if I feel like I'm not going to make it there so I have an excuse.

    So...if you'll look at your goals in a mentally healthy way, keep them. I'm not a goal guy, so I have learned.

    You will lose weight at 1300/1400 calories per day. Larger people burn more calories at rest than smaller people. You are likely getting a reasonable deficit with your activity level. As you lose weight, though, you might need to up your activity levels. So far, I think you can keep things simple and not worry too much about the burn rate.

  5. I loved what Kyle said about goals... I hadn't thought of it that way, that it depended upon ones personality.

    For me, I LOVE having goals to shoot for... I always think of what motivational speaker Les Brown said: "Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you'll land among the stars."

    And yet, what Sean said is true, too. To apply the KISS principle... Keep It Simple, Sweety!

    Consistency in small things will yield you MORE than hit or miss efforts with big things.

    I admire your commitment to the exercise... I have lymphedema in my legs, too, and had the swelling, sores, leaking fluid, pain, etc. And went thru weeks of manual lymphatic drainage therapy where they wrapped them, and drained out the fluid.

    The results were TOTALLY worth the pain and effort of doing it! It will make it so much easier to exercise... you will be so glad you did it! :-)


  6. Kelli,

    YOU keep doing what you are doing and there is NO DOUBT you will be sleeping in that bed again. Don't worry about WHEN. Just know that you WILL.

    I will be here reading on the day you post that you were able to do it.