Tuesday, April 13, 2010

well my fluid is leaving my body..


this has been a good day..i went to therapy this morning, i actually almost missed it because i fell asleep and just barely woke up in time..but i got there and they got me in, and we started unrolling my legs..there were two women who did the unrolling and it was amazing..i hadnt seen it this small in such a long time..it almost shocked me..

i had to take a picture..just to remember it..so iam posting it here..but it was good..the leg i was hoping would really get the fluid out has gone down but not like the other leg..my right leg is really bad and had such a huge lump on it ..i was always embarrassed about it...but not now..its gone down to nothing..iam sure glad..it hinders the walking for me..it causes so much pain around my legs and besides looking awful it just hurts..so iam so glad i am getting it done now...

they told me i would lose weight because of the fluid..well i went to weigh and of course i added the 2 castes..they had to be at least 10 pounds is what the therapists said..so i got up on the scale and was 303..wow i know 303 sounds like a lot ..but i hadnt seen 303 in a long time..probably since the time i had seen 300..so iam on my way to my first goal..300 and then under..i guess thats twoderland..hehe i want to go to onederland..hehe

these castes have been hurting tonight..but i went ahead and walked a mile anyway..i have to keep up with the walking or i will get out of practice and believe me ..i dont want to do that..iam a little faster, it only took me 10 minutes now to walk around the park once..last night it took 15 minutes for each time..wow that was slow..my cats are so faithful to me..they walk side by side with me and dont let me out of their sight..

i am so grateful for all of you commenting on my blog lately..it is so nice to think that so many people like hearing about how things are going for me..its a pretty awesome feeling..it really helps me too..i can sit here and think about my day and how iam feeling about everything..i like that...and now that iam going to be a counselor it might not be a bad idea to do something like this..

iam so tired tonight..been tired alot today..these castes make it hard for me to drive today..so my legs are wore out..i was trying to scratch my legs but i couldnt feel them..they were padded up so much it made it hard to get to them..so i had to let it go..

i guess i better get to bed though right now..i have to be up early again in the morning..i hope you all have a good night..
the pictures are from today..


  1. Hey kelli, I am so happy that you dropped so much...I always called it twoterville...
    One my way to onederland and then normaltown...lol.
    i am glad some of that fluid is gone. I hope the rest leaves as well, that would be awesome. have you dealt with that long? I am amazed you were in that kind of pain and still took to walking.
    You are doing fab.
    Keep up the great work. You will make an awesome counselor.

  2. If I could reach through this computer, I'd give you a "High-Five" and a "Huge Hug"!! You are doing fantastic! Still so proud of you! and girl, you don't even know the Awesome Testimony the Lord is preparing for you as you press on day by day. You are an inspiration to many!
    Hugsssssss Galore,
    love ya,

  3. That must have given you a lot of pain! I'm glad they have a way to help you. Keep up the great work :)

  4. I am so glad your legs are doing so well! And the fact that you are still walking with the casts on is just amazing to me! way to go, kelli!